Using A Known Egg Donor Surrogacy

Should I Use A Known Egg Donor?

Should I Use A Known Egg Donor? 

Rachel Campbell of Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation discusses the benefits of choosing a known egg donor during the surrogacy and IVF process.

What is a "known" egg donor?

Known egg donation involves an opportunity for intended parents and their egg donor to meet virtually typically by video chat during the matching process for a donation cycle. Historically, most egg donor arrangements were anonymous. However, we have found that there are many benefits to engaging in a known relationship between the intended parent and the egg donor. There are benefits to the intended parent, benefits to the egg donor herself, as well as to a future child born through egg donation.

Benefits of "known" egg donation

For intended parents, an opportunity to meet your donor during the matching process gives you a way to best assess their genuine personality. That's something that may not be easily gauged by reading a donor's profile or through watching a rehearsed video that she might provide. Additionally, as intended parents, you need to be thinking about the future and a known egg donation allows you an opportunity to both ask questions of a medical nature and receive information directly from your donor. As overtime as her medical history may change. For an egg donor, their benefit of engaging in a known relationship with one's intended parent is that she gets a sense of whom she's helping and where her eggs are going. That's a very different connection to the donation process than an anonymous match wouldn't allow for. For a child born through egg donation that is of a "known" relationship, as that child grows he or she is likely going to have questions. Maybe those questions are of a medical nature, maybe those questions are about traits that they have, maybe that question is about "where did I get this skill that I have that neither of my parent or parents may have". Having that ability to connect your child directly with his or her donor is an incredible benefit to that child. We have seen time and time again that children who are born through known egg donation relationships, who have that opportunity to connect with their donor are growing into self-confident, self-assured individuals.

Will a known relationship affect my role as a parent? 

There may be some concern over what the relationship will ultimately be between the donor and your future child. Rest assured that donors do not go into a donation journey with the intention of being a parental figure to your child. They simply want to be a resource to you and to your child should that be needed. As the parents leading this leading this journey while raising your child, you will always be in complete control over the nature of contact and the level of relationship that will exist between you your child and your egg donor.

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Posted by Rachel Campbell

Rachel earned her Master of Social Work degree from Boston University and worked in both child welfare and adoption before joining the Circle team in 2005. In her time with Circle, Rachel has held a variety of roles, including Intended Parent support, screening and matching surrogates and egg donors, and providing surrogate support. Rachel presently manages the Egg Donation Department, overseeing egg donor intake, prescreening, screening, and matching between egg donors and IPs.


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