How To Find An Egg Donor

How Do I Find An Egg Donor?

How Do I Find An Egg Donor?

Kristen Hanson of Simple Surrogacy discusses the process of finding, screening and selecting an egg donor.

Getting eggs from your clinic

If you start with your clinic, just know that generally, those are just donors that are local to the clinic because those donors have gone into the clinic to be screened. Generally, they live very close to the clinic or at least within driving distance. You'll generally get a little bit less information and a little bit less background from a donor chosen from a clinic but in most cases, those are cheaper less expensive donations. But, they'll also have less selection available. If you're choosing a donor from a clinic and you find a great donor there that's fantastic! Generally, it will save you a little bit of money, but you'll probably get a little bit less information as a trade-off.

Getting eggs from your agency

If you start with your agency you're generally going to see a wider selection of donors available from an agency than you would see at a clinic and you'll get more background information on those donors as well. Most of the time an agency will have available background information on the donors such as baby pictures and grades going back as far in school as they can provide. They may also provide things such as SAT scores and pictures of siblings and relatives, and in a lot of cases, you'll get a video as well if you choose a donor from an agency. Generally, those donors are slightly more expensive than what you would get at a clinic, just because there is more background information and they are coming from wider sources. In addition, an agency donor can be located anywhere in the country. This means you may need to consider that there could be travel costs to send those donors to your clinics as well.

Getting eggs from an egg bank

Another source that people sometimes use if they're looking to try to save money is an egg bank. Egg banks are places where donors have already gone in and given the eggs and they are frozen and stored until they are bought. Once purchased they are then made into embryos at a clinic. In a lot of cases, egg bank eggs are not of a high quality because the freezing process is generally not as well known and they might not use the same cryopreservation process that your clinic uses. If you are using an egg bank to save funds then we always recommend getting a guarantee from that egg bank in case there is a problem with the quality of the eggs once they arrive at your clinic. 

Getting eggs from a known donor

Another person that you might consider is a friend or family member when looking for an egg donor. In a lot of cases, the sibling of one of the partners in a relationship can be a donor and that way you could all have genetic material in together in the child that you're creating. So before you look at an egg donor bank or clinic donors you might want to consider friends or family members to be your donor.

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Posted by Kristen Hanson

Kristen is an Owner and Executive Director of Finance at Simple Surrogacy. She oversees the financial aspects of Simple Surrogacy, as well as solely managing the escrow accounts of our clients. Kristen is an experienced three-time Egg Donor, and parent, and is very experienced with all aspects of surrogacy involving Egg Donation.


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