How do fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies work together?

How Do Fertility Clinics and Surrogacy Agencies Work Together?

What Does a Surrogacy Agency and IVF Clinic do?

Dr. Juan P. Alvarez of Fertility Centers of Illinois discusses the role of a surrogacy agency & fertility clinic and how the two work together to assist you on your journey to fatherhood.

What is the role of the surrogacy agency?

The surrogacy agency is used to find women who wish to become gestational carriers. The agency is responsible for screening those potential candidates for medical concerns, psychological concerns or just that they are becoming surrogates for the right reasons. For the most part, only surrogates with previous healthy pregnancies will be chosen to become gestational carriers. The role of the gestational carrier is vital, so it is important that the surrogacy agency does a thorough job of vetting their potential candidates. The surrogacy agency will also be responsible for matching you with that surrogate (and potentially an egg donor, if they provide that as well).

What is the role of the fertility clinic?

The fertility clinic will do a more thorough examination of the gestational carrier, this includes a pelvic exam and other examinations to make sure she is in perfect condition to get pregnant. The fertility clinic will monitor her menstrual cycle and evaluate all aspects of her body in relation to having a successful pregnancy. The fertility clinic gives the final "ok" for the patient to become a gestational carrier. Once they are approved the fertility doctor will do the ovarian stimulation and embryo transfer. The fertility clinic is also responsible for monitoring the pregnancy up to eight weeks of gestation.

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Dr. Alvarez is passionate about all aspects of infertility but has a particular interest in obesity and its impact on fertility as well as unexplained infertility, diminished ovarian reserve, fertility preservation, and LGBTQ+ fertility.


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