How Are Surrogates Screened

How Are Surrogates Screened?

What Type Of Screening Must A Potential Surrogate Go Through? 

Solveig Gramann of Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation explains what the screening process for potential surrogates is like and what makes a good candidate.

Pre-screening stage

Every agency does screening a bit differently. The first step is a pre-screening phase where your surrogacy agency is collecting paperwork, doing background checks, and reviewing medical records to preliminarily decide if the candidate is able to proceed further. At Circle Surrogacy, pre-screening evaluations are run by an all-experienced carrier staff, who are also able to provide their first-hand experience of surrogacy to our applicants and answer any questions that they have. So be sure to research your surrogacy agency to find out if this type of support is available.

Psychosocial evaluation

The second step is a psychosocial evaluation conducted by one of the in-house licensed social workers who screen applicants on a weekly basis. We speak with the surrogate applicant and her primary support person to do a thorough examination of her past and current life circumstances to ensure that she has a stable household and support network to manage the journey. As well as to make sure that she understands the commitments that she is making to the surrogacy process.

Personality Assessment Inventory

The third step a surrogate completes is psychological testing through the form of the PAI, which stands for the Personality Assessment Inventory. This testing is used to ensure that a carrier is psychologically sound to proceed in a surrogacy journey. Circle Surrogacy conducts all three of these steps prior to matching surrogates with intended parents to reduce the chances of any issues occurring later on in the journey, such as a match break. This process sets both parties up for as much success as possible. This model of surrogate screening provides peace of mind to intended parents knowing that their surrogate has been thoroughly vetted prior to moving forward in their surrogacy together.

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Posted by Solveig Gramann

Solveig earned her Master of Science in Social Work degree from the University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work. During her Master’s Program, she trained at two major hospitals in Texas. At these institutions, she worked primarily with women populations conducting psychosocial assessments, connecting patients and their families with local and national resources, collaborating with the interdisciplinary health team, as well as providing clinical support. Throughout her time at Circle, Solveig has guided surrogates on their journeys, as well as led the social work team in providing best-in-class surrogate support. As the Director of Surrogate Services, Solveig oversees the entire gestational surrogate process, from initial intake to matching and beyond.


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