How Much Does Surrogacy REALLY Cost Gay Men?

Surrogacy is an incredible way to grow your family. When researching surrogacy, one of the first questions intended parents ask is: "How much does it cost?" And rightfully so. Surrogacy is a financial investment as much as an emotional one.

Just like every surrogacy journey is personal and different, the costs of surrogacy and egg donation also vary for each situation.

How much will a surrogacy journey cost for you? That depends on your specific situation.

There are a few factors that can cause the final cost of surrogacy to vary. For example, for IVF, have you identified an egg donor? Have you already created embryos? Also, costs vary depending on the agency with which you work, as some agencies, such as Circle Surrogacy, offer a variety of programs from which to choose.

Surrogacy Costs: What They Are and What They Cover

It's hard to put a price tag on bringing a baby into your family – it's a wonderful and fulfilling gift. However, you need to be prepared for the costs associated with a surrogacy journey.

In order to get the most accurate understanding of how much a surrogacy journey will cost, it's best to look at the individual pieces of the total journey so that you can identify what your expenses will be.

Each agency is different, and the costs and fees (and coverage) varies. Imagine your expenses and costs being broken up into 4 categories: Professional Fees (Agency), Carrier/Egg Donor Fees, Insurance Costs and IVF Costs.

As an example, here is a breakdown of Circle Surrogacy's Costs and Fees that you can expect with a singleton surrogacy journey:

Professional Fees

The professional – or Agency – fees, cover fees associated with the process, such as Matching; Screening; Journey Coordination and Support; Legal; Accounting and Medical Billing. These costs can range between $36,500-$46,000.

Carrier/Egg Donor Fees

These fees cover the base fees (compensation) for your Carrier and Egg Donor, all travel-related fees, Carrier bedrest, local monitoring for your Carrier and Egg Donor, continencies, and outside legal and screening. These costs can range between $61,500-$75,000.

Insurance Costs

Insurance costs can depend on whether your Carrier is able to use her insurance, or if you're purchasing an insurance plan. Insurance costs cover the insurance premium/Carrier payment (if she's using her insurance), co-payments and deductibles, complications, life insurance, insurance defense, and a back-up policy. These costs can range between $15,000-$26,000.

IVF Costs

IVF costs vary and are dependent on the clinic with which you work. IVF costs cover embryo creation, screening, transfers and medications. These costs can range between $20,000-$45,000.

Is There Anything NOT Covered in The Costs?

The expenses outlined above are expenses you can plan for on a journey. You should also consider the expenses that may arise based on your personal journey and your preferences. For examples, additional expenses can include your personal travel (your visits with your surrogate, attendance at ultrasounds, etc) including airfare, hotels and food. Also, should your surrogate be pregnant with twins, the above costs would increase to account for additional payment to your surrogate and insurance for twins.

Making Surrogacy Affordable for YOU

As mentioned, every surrogacy journey is unique to each intended parent's situation. There are a few things you can do to help reduce the costs of growing your family through surrogacy:

  • Consult your IVF clinic. Some clinics offer package deals, unlimited transfers, etc.
  • Know your donor. Some intended parents turn to close friends to be their egg donors, or use an egg bank vs an egg donor
  • Choose the location of your surrogate and donor. When your donor and surrogate live closer to your IVF clinic, it will help save you money on travel costs
  • Talk to your employer and see if they have benefits that would apply to you and your journey

Agencies Can Be More Expensive – Is It Worth It To Work with an Agency?

In a word…YES!

Working with a surrogacy agency not only provides legal and social work support throughout your journey, your agency will help manage all of the costs associated with your journey. It's important to work with an agency you trust. Surrogacy is an investment and the reward is immeasurable! However, you need to be confident and comfortable going into the journey, and you should have a full understanding of the gestational surrogacy costs.

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