Gay Men Tell Us Why They Want to Become Dads

On our Instagram account, we recently asked our followers who aren't fathers yet a simple question: why do you want to become a dad? 100+ comments later, we've heard you loud and clear! Here are some of our favorite reasons gay men told us why they hope to become dads some day:

"I have way too much love to keep just for myself. All you need is love, right?"

"Never had one growing up so I want to give my future son a bond I never got a chance to have"

"Because family is everything and we want to create the best memories with them!"

"Because there is no greater gift than the unconditional love that a family can create."

"Because with patience they can amplify and multiply the love and hope you give them."

"Wish too strong to explain..."

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"Because I want to give my unconditional love to a person without expecting anything in return."

"So I can buy my son matching pajamas, squeaky shoes, and the baby bag for the grocery stores."

"To provide a better life than the one I was born into."

"Because raising a kid is a human experience that I absolutely do not want to miss out it on."

"The best relationship I have is with my father. He makes me want to be a dad."

"My partner and I are getting legally married in 6 months. The next step is to adopt a child. I can't wait to provide a life to a human that needs it and show him/her unconditional love. There are too many children that need homes. It's the least we can do.

"To raise a child is possibly the most challenging but most rewarding thing in the world."

"I want to share my passion!"

"To to give a child a life I never had: full acceptance and support to be who they are and tell them how life works so they can avoid so much drama."

"Because there is always a child waiting to be adopted and to be cared of."

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