Webinar: Finding an Egg Donor & Surrogate: Tips for Queer Men

Webinar: Finding an Egg Donor & Surrogate 02/03/21
Finding and choosing an egg donor & surrogate is a crucial part of the surrogacy process. Understanding the process will help you find the donor & surrogate that are right for you!  

Finding an egg donor and surrogate can be a daunting task, let us help to make sense of it all. This webinar will cover the essentials needed to find and select a donor and surrogate that work for you. You will leave with a better understanding of the process and how to take the next steps.



Key take-aways:

  • How to find and select an egg donor.
  • How to find and select a surrogate.
  • What types of screenings are involved.
  • Tips on choosing and matching with egg donors & surrogates.

Moderated by GWK Executive Editor David Dodge and featuring our "Partners to Fatherhood" experts:

Victoria T. Ferrara, Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

Robyn Perchik of Beverly Hills Egg Donation

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