Finding an egg donor and surrogate for queer men

Webinar: Finding an Egg Donor & Surrogate | 07/22/21

Webinar: Finding an Egg Donor & Surrogate | 07/22/21

Most surrogacy journeys start with finding an egg donor and then getting matched with your surrogate. Watch this webinar to learn about the different types of family-building partners available to support these two important milestones, and to get an understanding of all that's involved in finding and matching with an egg donor and a surrogate.


Here are specific takeaways you can expect to learn...

Egg Donors:

  • Who are typical egg donors?
  • How do I find and select my donor?
  • What types of egg donor arrangements are there?
  • What's involved in an egg donor's screening?


  • Who are typical surrogates?
  • How will I/we find and be matched with my/our surrogate?
  • What's involved in a surrogate's screening?
  • As always, we look to our Partners to Fatherhood for their guidance.

As always, our webinars feature the expertise of our GWK vetted and approved "Partners to Fatherhood," and today's experts are Robyn Perchik of Beverly Hills Egg Donation and Heath Tucker of Same Love Surrogacy


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