Financial Planning For Affording Surrogacy

How Do I Financially Plan To Afford Surrogacy?

How to Afford Surrogacy?

Scott Buckley of Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation discusses how to financially plan to be able to afford the cost of surrogacy.

Creating a budget

The first thing to do when planning a surrogacy journey is to create a budget. That budget should include all professional fees, surrogate and donor fees, and expenses all the medical insurance costs for pregnancy, labor and delivery. This budget should also cover the IVF expenses for achieving your pregnancy.

Creating a contingency fund 

The second thing when trying to afford surrogacy is creating a contingency fund. I would estimate this should be at least 20% of the original budget. Although this amount may not be sufficient if your budget was not robust enough in the first place or if you have multiple failed transfers or a miscarriage. The other way to account for contingencies would be to work with a fixed cost program where you pay a little bit more upfront but then the agency takes on all the risk of those contingencies.

Getting a loan

The final thing you can do is make sure that you have funding in place and there are three options for that. One would be a secured loan, which means you have equity in a house and you do a home equity line of credit or you refinance your house. The second is to take an unsecured loan that would be in the form of a personal loan from a bank or working with a surrogacy agency that will provide a payment plan. Certain payment plans can allow you to defer $65,000 over three or six years. The final thing you can do to secure funding is by talking to your family. Many parents want to be grandparents and if you ask they may be willing to help out, give you a loan, or even take a mortgage on their own home to help you afford this.

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Posted by Scott Buckley

Scott has been part of the Circle family since 2003. In his current role as the Vice President of Client Services, Scott oversees the Circle team, as well as serving clients. He enjoys meeting with Intended Parents, whether in Boston, on Skype, or in their hometowns. He's proud to have been part of this company for so long, helping so many families grow. Scott is married with 3 beautiful children and has been recognized as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers each year from 2012 through 2017.


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