What Happens When You Grow Too Old For Foster Care

What Happens When Youth "Age Out" of Foster Care?

What happens to children that become too old for foster care?

In this video, Rita Soronen of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption discusses the common outcomes for youth that age out of foster care.

When children and youth turn 18 and leave foster care without a family they are at a much higher risk for negative outcomes. Things such as homelessness, being unemployed, being uneducated, early parenting, and substance abuse.These outcomes are not because they are bad kids, but because they simply do not have the safety net of a family support them and help them get through the very challenging times of young adulthood.

Posted by Rita Soronen

For more than 30 years, Rita Soronen has worked on behalf of abused, neglected and vulnerable children, providing leadership for local, state and national efforts working to improve the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, while striving to assure safe and permanent homes for North America’s children.

Website: https://www.davethomasfoundation.org/

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