What Should I Know About a Surrogate's Prior Pregnancies?


What Should I Know About A Surrogate's Prior Pregnancies?

Victoria T. Ferrara, Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists discusses what information to learn about your potential surrogate's prior pregnancies in order ensure they are the correct match for you.

What kind of screening do surrogates go through?

When we first have surrogates apply we have to make sure they have children and that their pregnancies were healthy and on time. We look to see if they have had a premature birth and check to see if they had any medical problems during their pregnancy. These problems could be things such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia.

Who screens surrogates?

Your IVF doctor will be reviewing and examining the surrogate for medical issues and to make sure that she is a safe and stable medical candidate to become a surrogate. But also, the agency will do additional screening. For example, many surrogacy agencies make sure that the surrogate goes to her own obstetrician before they would pass her as a surrogate. These surrogates are required to have a letter of medical clearance from their obstetrician. There are a lot of safeguards that go into choosing surrogates who are medically stable and sound. And all of your professionals on your team should be paying attention to that. Your surrogacy agency, the lawyer involved, and of course the IVF physician.


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