When Does a Surrogate Transfer to Her OBGYN?


What to Expect When a Surrogate Transfers to Their OBGYN

Dr. Jennifer E. Hirshfeld-Cytron, Fertility Centers of Illinois discusses the transition of the gestational carriers care to their OBGYN.

This should be a very smooth transition. Before this transfer your gestational carrier has already established a pregnancy that is healthy and through the first trimester, which again is the highest risk time for miscarriage. All of the records for her gestational care are then transferred to her OBGYN. At that time more routine pregnancy testing begins. The first time she sees the OB she'll learn about things such as weight gain, nutrition, anticipation for frequency of visits. At around 20 weeks women are screened for things like diabetes. At that time you will also be able to participate in those visits, potentially in person or via telemedicine.

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