Should I Stay In Contact With A Surrogate Post Birth?


Should I Stay In Touch With My Surrogate Post Birth?

Victoria T. Ferrara, Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists discusses how common it is for new dads to keep in contact with their surrogate after the birth of their child.

Is it common to stay in touch with your surrogate post birth?

The answer is yes, it is very common. It is certainly in your control as the parents and you have to determine that it's in your best interest and the best interest of your child to keep up that type of communication, friendship, relationship.

How interested are surrogates in these type or arrangements?

If you are interested in creating and maintaining a connection to your surrogate post birth almost every surrogate is also interested in that. She would most likely enjoy getting to know you during the surrogacy journey and then keeping in touch and being able to have contact with your baby as your baby grows up.  Surrogate-parent relationship is often a very intimate relationship. To get together and bring a baby into the world is huge thing, so certainly that relationship can be carried on after the birth if you desire that.



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