What Is Obstetrical Care For Gestational Carrier?


What Care Can My Surrogate Expect To Receive? 

Dr. Jennifer E. Hirshfeld-Cytron, Fertility Centers of Illinois discusses the common obstetrical care practices that gestational carriers can expect to receive while carrying your baby.

What is the timeline for obstetrical care?

The first couple of blood tests will be done with your infertility clinic. 10 days after the transfer of the embryo we do our first test. We repeat that test two days later and then two days after that. At this point we're looking for a change in the level of your pregnancy hormones. Shortly thereafter, around five weeks, we do our very first OB ultrasound. One week (6 weeks after the transfer) after that we do an ultrasound to look for a heartbeat. Finally after two to three weeks we do our final ultrasound to make sure growth and continued heartbeat is in place. At that time your gestational carrier, around the 10th-week mark, would be following up with her OBGYN. We utilize that time frame because 10 weeks is what marks medically what ends the first trimester. So the risk of miscarriage becomes incredibly low after that time.

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