What If My Sperm Count Is Low?


What Is An Abnormal Semen Analysis? 

Dr. Guy Ringler, California Fertility Partners discusses the process of semen analysis and what steps come after if the sperm count is low or abnormal.

What if my sperm count is low? 

If your sperm numbers are really low, I'm going to ask you to see a urologist. A urologist is going to do a physical exam and maybe some hormone testing to see if there are treatments that can improve your sperm numbers. If your sperm numbers are extremely low we also may want fresh sperm at the time of the egg retrieval of the donor. For most patients, we do just fine with frozen sperm.

What can affect my sperm count?

So if your sperm numbers are a little off, I'm going to sit down with you and review lifestyle and other factors that can impact your sperm numbers and quality to see if there are things that we can tweak things that we can improve upon. Factors that can have an adverse effect on sperm concentration and quality would include an excess of anything, excess alcohol, excess marijuana, excess exercise and including anything that will increase heat in the testicles. We're going to review those factors to see what we can change because I want to try to get the best quality of sperm to use in your treatment cycle. Sometimes vitamins and antioxidants over the period of a month or two can help improve the sperm parameters. So don't get discouraged if the numbers are a little off there are things we can do to help get your sperm in the best possible shape for your cycle.

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