Where Should I Source My Egg Donor From?


Where Should I Source My Egg Donor or Gestational Carrier From?

Dr. Allison K. Rodgers, Fertility Centers of Illinois discusses the options available for dads to be when deciding wether they want to look for a third-party egg donor/gestational carrier or use an in-house option from their surrogacy agency.

Should I use on-site help or an outside agency?

There are a lot of people who do both, so there is no wrong answer. The first step is, regardless of choice is getting eggs. These can either be frozen from an egg bank or through a fresh egg donation. You can either work with the clinic, as most clinics who do a lot of gestational care work tend to have their own inside agency. You can think of it as their own agency, that screen those egg donors and prepare it all in-house. 

What kind of screening do egg donors go through?

There's an extensive FDA required screening process and then fertility screening process. Other types of screening egg donors can expect to go through are infectious disease screening, psychological screening, medical health screening, and a thorough genetics fertility screening. 

Why should I look at in-house egg donation?

 In-house egg donation is simple. All of the egg donors have already been screened and have been determined to be good, suitable, egg donors. A lot of times potential egg donors or gestational carriers have not had all that testing when you're working with an outside agency. Just because a candidate might seem like they're a good choice on paper, they might not have had all of the testing yet. Also a lot of the agencies do charge a fee just to access and have and use them although they are a resource that can help coordinate your care. It's important to be with a clinic who does these screenings. Both options have their pros and cons, so it's a really personal decision both are good options and it's really a personal preference on working with an agency to help coordinate or working directly with the clinic.

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