How Are Egg Donors Screened

How Are Egg Donors Screened?

What Is The Egg Donor Screening Process? 

Dr. Guy Ringler of California Fertility Partners explains the process of screening potential egg donors. This is a crucial first step before the IVF process can take place.

What are the initial egg donor screen steps?

Before a donor is seen in person or via tele-medicine, they will give a genetic consultation where she'll talk with a geneticist to review her family history and have a psychological screening. The geneticists will also discuss the aspects of a donation with her to make sure she's comfortable with the process and get a general assessment of her overall mental health.

Ovarian reserve screening

Once approved the donor will visit the fertility center for a physical exam. She'll have a complete infectious disease screening, drug screening and she'll have a pelvic ultrasound to look at her ovaries. This is so the doctor can make an assessment of her ovarian reserve. Ovarian reserve reflects how many eggs she has in her ovaries and it's predictive of how many eggs she's going to make in the treatment cycle. There are two ways to measure ovarian reserve one is an ultrasound of her ovaries, to see how many follicles are present at the beginning of a menstrual cycle and secondly, there's a blood test called anti-mullerian hormone or AMH. That's very useful because it will predict how many eggs that she will make in the treatment cycle. The goal in an egg donor treatment cycle is to retrieve between 20 and 30 eggs because that will give, somewhere between four and ten genetically normal embryos for future transfers.

Why is egg donor screening necessary?

The medical screening process not only is to ensure that she's a safe productive donor for you, but it allows your clinic to help you make a decision. Is she right for you? Is she going to be a good egg donor for the process? Your surrogacy team is committed to helping you get the highest chance of success in this process and a donor selection is extremely important. Egg quality and egg quantity can have a dramatic impact on your overall success rate. So let your clinic help you select the right donor to give you the best chance for success.

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Posted by Dr. Guy Ringler

Dr. Ringler, partner of California Fertility Partners, is recognized globally as a leading fertility doctor. More than that, however, as a gay man Dr. Ringler is personally committed to helping members of the LGBTQ community build families. He's proud to point out that since their launch in 1988, California Fertility Partners has always supported LGBTQ family building, rightfully giving them pioneer status among their peers.


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