Broadway Husbands Have Their Embryo Transferred to Their Gestational Carrier

'Broadway Husbands' Transfer Their First Embryo — After Three Years of Waiting


In their latest video, Bret and Stephen, better known as the 'Broadway Husbands' online, share the experience of their first embryo transfer — one made more complicated by geography, snow storms, and of course, a global pandemic.

"The complications are this — [our surrogate] lives in Orlando, our doctor is in Connecticut," said Bret.

"And we're in Houston," Stephen chimed in.

"And then there's a global pandemic happening where the CDC is recommending no travel unless it's essential."

Originally the couple's surrogate planned to drive 15 hours, by herself, from Orlando to the couple's clinic, RMACT in Connecticut, to avoid air travel. Unable to help in any other way, Bret and Stephen sent her a care package of snacks to help with the journey.

"But then there were all of these horrible snow storms in January," said Bret. 

"So we finally agree to fly," said Stephen.

Because of the pandemic, the dads won't be there in person for the birth, so everything will be on Zoom. 

"Even her husband is going to watch on Zoom," said Bret. 

Watch the video above to see how the rest of the transfer went. And then be sure to follow along with the 'The Broadways Husbands' on Instagram.

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