Broadway Husbands Surrogacy Journey Gestational Carrier Screening

'Broadway Husbands' and an IVF Dress Rehearsal


'Broadway Husbands', Bret and Stephen continue their surrogacy journey and give us the low-down on their progress. In this next installment, the couple describe the surrogate screening experience — which included some new educational opportunities for the dads-to-be. 

"This was interesting, because we have never ever had to figure out a woman's menstrual cycle," said Bret.

"Yeah, time of the month," Stephen said.

"So they have to give her some medicine, the first thing was estrogen to take," said Bret. 

"They like to measure her uterine lining... to make sure it's thick enough," explained Stephen. "In the first screening she was almost there, so they upped her estrogen. By the next time, it was too thick."

The couple's clinic, RMACT, continued to monitor her. "And her uterus did exactly what they wanted her to do," said Stephen. 

The couple hoped to schedule the transfer right away — but the timing coincided with the Christmas holiday. "So we had to wait two full cycles," said Bret.

The Broadway Husbands, no stranger to the idea of a dress rehearsal, quickly came to understand that the concept applies to IVF as well.  "Ultimately the thing we learned is you need to do a mock cycle," said Bret. "They don't call it that, but that's what it is."

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