Broadway Husbands: How we Chose Our Fertility Clinic

Broadway husbands Stephen and Bret share the next phase of their surrogacy journey with Gays With Kids. In this vlog chapter, they discuss why they chose their fertility clinic, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), and their upcoming Team Day: a day set up as an opportunity to meet and greet all the professionals they'll become familiar with over the next few months.

Since their first vlog, a close friend has offered to be their surrogate. The dads-to-be share what this could mean for their journey and what's involved when a friend could potentially be their gestational carrier.

In this video you'll hear Bret and Stephen discuss:

Why they chose their clinic RMACT (0:11)

The dads-to-be explain RMACT's Team Day, the day they meet their dedicated care team and learn more about what the process means for them (1:02)

First steps: blood work, genetic recessive carrier screening, and sperm freezing (1:32)

Bret and Stephen share how they're feeling so far (2:14)

The husbands talk about their semen analyses (2:30)

How a friend offered to be their gestational carrier (3:15)

What's involved if their friend does become their gestational carrier (3:50)

Gay Parents To Be®

Gay Parents To Be® is the leading international fertility program serving the LGBTQ community. Our full-suite of fertility services was founded by our Medical Director, Dr. Mark Leondires, a gay dad through surrogacy and egg donation, and leading advocate for the LGBTQ family-building community. Gay Parents To Be® is a single-source destination with a trusted partner network, including surrogacy and egg donation agencies and reproductive attorneys. We are the only East Coast IVF Clinic designated as a fully-inclusive LGBTQ Healthcare Leader by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) .

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