Ask Our Experts: Year in Review

Here are a few 2017 posts from our "Ask An Expert" advice column on Gays With Kids. Have a question you want one of our experts to answer? Send an email with your question to with "Ask An Expert" in the subject line!

Do Kids Need Both a Mom and a Dad?

Jake Aschmutat and Jim O'Malley are interested in having kids soon. But as they've begun to explore their prospects, they've faced some tough questions from family members: will the kids really be alright in a same-sex household?

Read psychotherapist James Guay's response.

A Friend Offered to Carry a Baby for My Boyfriend and Me. What Next?

"My boyfriend and I live in Indiana and are considering gestational surrogacy. We have a dear friend who is perfectly happy to provide the egg, carry the child and turn it over to us. What should be our next step? I've read that we should get an attorney. It seems like it should be straight forward, but I don't know how to get the non-biological father as the legal father." - Hopeful Hoosier

Read lawyer Brian Esser's response.

12 Questions Answered by a Foster-Adopt Expert

Do you want to become a foster dad? Are you considering creating your forever family through foster-adopt? Here are answers to 12 questions that so many prospective gay foster dads want to know.

Read Amara's Family Outreach Specialist, Trey Rabun's responses..

My Husband Doesn't Love Our Son. What Do I Do?

Gays With Kids expert James Guay tackles another tough question from our community, this time contributed anonymously.

Read psychotherapist James Guay's response.

Thinking about Opening your Relationship? Read This First

When I first started thinking about writing this piece on open relationships, I immediately considered the sexual aspect and all the implications that arise from that dynamic. What does this mean for a relationship, in the short and long term? How might it help or hinder the primary connection? Open relationships aren't for everybody, but if you're considering it, there are some important factors to contemplate.

Read more from Dr. Evan Goldstein.

Questions Every Gay Man Should Discuss With His Doctor

Doctors always ask you personal questions, but how much do you actually know about your doctor? How can you make sure he or she is the right fit for you? If your doctor can't relate to you, you might not be getting the best care you possibly can.

Read more from Dr. Evan Goldstein.

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