Webinar: An Overview of Surrogacy & IVF for Queer Men 06/10/21

Webinar: An Overview of Surrogacy & IVF for Queer Men 06/10/21
Starting a surrogacy journey can be overwhelming, let us make sense of it all!

Overall the surrogacy and IVF process can be very intimidating for first-time dads. With all the technical jargon and moving parts, it's completely understandable. But, we are here to clear up all your questions! This webinar will give a general overview of the surrogacy and IVF process for queer men as well as the next steps in your journey. Get all your questions answered live by our panel of distinguished experts.


Key take-aways:

  • What surrogacy and IVF is.
  • The role of a fertility clinic during your journey.
  • The role of a surrogacy agency during your journey.
  • How to get started and how Gays With Kids can help!

Moderated by GWK Founder Brian Rosenberg and featuring our "Partners to Fatherhood" experts:

  • Dr. Guy Ringler, California Fertility Partners

  • Victoria T. Ferrara, Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

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