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Having Kids With a Female Friend Was This Single Gay Dads "Greatest Decision"

Jeffrey Walker had two children with a female friend in what he calls a "leap of faith." He doesn't regret a thing.

Meet Jeffrey Walker, a 56-year-old Communications Director for a large nonprofit based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Over a decade ago, he made the "greatest decision ever" and became a proud single dad to two incredible daughters through an intentional co-parenting arrangement. Here's his story.

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Co-Parenting: It’s Not Just For Divorced Couples Anymore

Bill Delaney and his husband entered into an "intentional co-parenting" arrangement with a lesbian couple. Here's what he thinks gay men should know about this type of arrangement.

On most websites relating to LGBT parenting there is a lot of excellent information about adoption or having children via donors or surrogacy. Gay and lesbian parents blog about the anxiety felt when asked questions about a mom or dad who doesn't exist. Meanwhile, anti-gay forces preach that both a mother and a father are required, and no other option will do. Very little about these topics resonates with my family. My husband and I intentionally co-parent with our daughters' two moms.

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