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The Most Fabulous Same-Sex Wedding Ideas

By design, many wedding traditions just don't work for LGBTQ couples. That means we're freed from the typical gender roles and get to create our perfect wedding with our own twists on outdated traditions.

Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable for themselves and for their guests. The demand for diverse and unique weddings has continued to gain momentum - as it should. Here are some wonderful same-sex wedding ideas to help make your day as fabulous as you are!

Make an Entrance

Traditionally, seating for the ceremony was based on whether you knew the bride or the groom. These days, a lot of couples don’t want to separate their friends and family based on who knows who. 

Encourage co-mingling from the start by placing a sign at the entrance letting guests know that there aren’t any sides to choose here. Instead, it’s all about two sets of family and friends coming together. 

Who knows...maybe your single best friend will end up sitting next to the new love of his life. 

Something that can encourage inclusion is a sign at the entrance letting guests know there aren’t any sides to choose here. It’s all about two families coming together.

Mr. & Mr. Cake Toppers

mr and mr cake toppers same sex wedding ideas

A cake topper decoration of you and your hubby-to-be can be both delicious and decadent. Whether you decide on an edible fondant creation or a simple, yet elegant, acrylic topper with a silhouette of the grooms, the guests notice these little details.

You can also include your little ones or your beloved family pet.This personalized flare will look spectacular on photos and can really capture the essence of your family. Plus, which kid doesn’t want to devour a delicious version of themselves? 

A First Look 

Something many couples choose is to have a 'first look' where they see each other privately before the wedding. We don't have the bad luck not to see the bride in her dress thing to worry about... so why not?

This is a perfect opportunity for the photographer to catch that wonderful moment you first lay eyes on one another. You’re about to embark on a momentous journey together, so take a moment to soak it all in. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to same-sex marriage, be who you are — it’s your special day after all.

Many couples  choose to read their vows to each other during this "first look" so it's private and special and they can concentrate on the words and meaning. This alleviates the feeling the pressure and intensity of the moment in front of friends and family.

Dapper Cupcake Tower

gay bi and trans wedding cupcake towerImage Credit

Let’s admit it, we gays love a good cupcake. Maybe because they were featured on that one episode of 'Sex and the City' or maybe because they can be so cute. So why not break from the traditional cake in favor of a cupcake tower? They’re easy to pass around and can be personalized in fabulous ways. 

Take a look at these rather dashing cupcakes. You could even have mini ones to represent your kids!

Scrumptious little desserts on your special day should reflect your personalities and these delicious additions are the perfect fit to show off how awesome you guys are.

Plus, everybody loves cupcakes.

Shop Savvier for the Rings

Saying 'I do' is a big commitment, but dropping 15K on a ring is a whole other kind of devotion.

In theory, you could just Google 'gay wedding rings' and buy something shiny with rainbow gem inlays, but there’s a whole world of DIY customization online just waiting to be tailored to you.

Silicone wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular, perfect for dads on-the-go or with active lifestyles. 

Don’t forget your finances are about to unite too, so money spent now is money that could always be saved for later. It’s up for the two of you to decide whether that money is better spent on family planning or vacations. 

Be Creative With Your Venue

Have some fun and figure out where you’re going to plan this wedding. Do whatever you can to make it personal to you and your hubby-to-be. Is there a place where you first kissed or held hands that could host your wedding ceremony?

Take gay dads James and Jimmy, for example. The couple created their family through adoption and their wedding took place in 2013 at their favorite hotel in Pasadena. Friends and family members from both sides joined the celebration in a location they treasured.

You can even play around with the theme of your reception. Maybe you can’t afford to have a wedding in Hawaii, but you can certainly order some leis and palm trees to play the part. 

Your day can even be celebrated in Central Park if it’s significant to you. You have the freedom and the creativity to make this day as unique as you want.

Customize Your Ceremony

One of the major perks of planning a gay wedding is even the ceremony is customizable. You’re not bound by heterosexual religious customs, so you can throw the whole thing out and conduct the day however you want.

You don’t have to make your wedding centered around the LGBTQ+ movement, but a tribute will show that on this day, love won over everything else. 

You can even pick the music! No need to play 'Here Comes the Bride', especially when there’s no bride. You’re only limited by your imagination. Pinterest is great for getting some inspiration as to what other people are doing.

Make an Amazing Guest Book

You’ll have memories and photos as reminders of your wedding, but a guestbook just ties the ribbon on your special day. It’s a symbol of all those important people in your life who shared this moment with you.colorful guestbook gay weddings

Image Credit

Have each of your guests contribute to a gorgeous thumbprint tree guest book. Give them different colors to choose from to leave their mark and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake to cherish forever.  

Walk Down the Aisle as a Family

Whether you want to walk down the aisle alone, together, with all the family or just with your kids - rather than getting caught up in old traditions, see your wedding as an opportunity to do whatever you want to showcase your love and commitment. 

One of the joys of breaking tradition is it opens the gate for many new traditions to be born. Who knows, you might make it on to our next fabulous same sex wedding ideas post. 

A Colorful Send Off

lantern-release at weddingImage Credit

End your wonderful day with a bright and interactive event. As the night draws in, lead your wedding party outside and release colored paper lanterns into the sky. Everyone can reflect on their own love and happiness while celebrating yours. 

Share It With the World

There’s nothing more romantic than sharing your special day with the community that fought for it. On our YouTube channel, we regularly share other queer families’ special days - we’d love for you to inspire us with yours too. 

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