gay, bi and trans weddings to celebrate

Same-Sex Wedding Ceremonies to Make You Cry, Laugh and Smile

Weddings are great; they’re a positive affirmation of our ability to love one another and a legitimate excuse for adults to do the Macarena. They make us laugh, cry, smile and appreciate one another.

celebrate gay, bi and trans weddings

Traditional, modern, monumental - they’re special in their own way. Even if there's no escaping embarrassing our kids with our bad dad dancing. Here are some of our favorite same-sex wedding ceremonies (some old, some new) to celebrate!

Tyler & Shawn’s Tearjerker Vows


“Not only was it easy to fall in love with you, it’s been just as easy to stay in love with you through all the years.”

Tyler and Shawn tied the knot back in 2016, in a grand wedding affair. What made the preparations for the big day not so typical however was that the couple got ready together, helping each other with their cufflinks, tightening their bow-ties and swapping sarcasm.

Through tearful vows and an exchanging of rings and promises, the two were announced Mr. and Mr. These vows are truly beautiful, taking everybody through a journey of their love and devotion. It’s a must-watch, but make sure you have some tissues nearby to wipe away those tears.

Noah and PJ's Surprise Wedding First Dance


These groomsmen certainly brought the party with their surprise first dance routine. Starting off with just a simple two-step sway, the mood shifted when they broke into Latin ballroom movements and synchronized choreography. 

Did we mention there’s also an outfit change halfway through where the guys ditch the blazers and pick up canes? Talk about production value. It’s sweet to watch their family having just as much as a good time.

They also took disco inspiration from the movie Ex Machina and PJ’s favorite movie Young Frankenstein. Of course, it wasn’t complete without the couple’s Dirty Dancing moment with the iconic lift. What a showstopper! 

Tommy’s Declaration to Juan’s Daughter


Juan Jaimes Garcia Espinoza from Texas, whose inspiring story we've previously brought to you, recently got married to his husband Tommy Espinoza. Juan first became a dad via a previous marriage to a woman but has been raising his daughter, Isabelle, with Tommy since the couple met in 2015.

There wasn't a clear eye in the room after Tommy’s beautiful vow to Juan’s daughter: "Isabelle, I promise to support you, to love you, to fight for you, to guide you every day." 

"I'm here. I promise to be here for you in any way you need as a dad and your friend. I am so thankful and blessed to have you in my life as the daughter I always wanted. You're beautiful, you're smart, creative, and full of energy. There's nothing I'd ever change about you. I promise to love you just as much as daddy. And I promise to always take care of you both, as long as you'll have me."

It was a lovely way to commemorate this coming together of two wonderful families

Wayne and Jay’s Boundless Love


Love is a powerful thing. This is an especially poignant wedding video of Wayne and Jay, who had been together for 15 years prior to their marriage. 

At the time of this wedding, Jay's health was already rapidly deteriorating from cancer. Given Jay’s cancer diagnosis, they couldn’t wait until Illinois legalized same-sex marriage. Their only option at the time was tying the knot across the border in Iowa. 

Their son, Daniel, stood by their side for the entire ceremony.

“It (the wedding) was so powerful for us,” Wayne said. “The validation of our commitment to us was incredibly powerful.”

When Jay died five months later, Wayne made sure to list that he was married on the death certificate. You can read about their incredible story in greater detail on the GWK Being blog.

GWK Founders and Their Forever Commitment


Gays With Kids founders Brian and Ferd shared their same-sex wedding ceremony and story: 

"Ferd is Dutch and he moved to the US a year before we met. During our first 16 years, he had been living on various work and then tourist visas. Shortly after becoming first-time dads, Ferd received word that he could no longer stay in the US as a tourist. Unfortunately, at the time (2009), even if we got married, I could not sponsor him due to DOMA (the defense of marriage act). Due to my at-the-time job, telecommuting from Europe wasn't an option so we moved to Toronto, where I was able to obtain a work visa.

Our wedding actually took place on the 20th anniversary of our first date: June 20, 2013. Six days later, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, first for those states that offered marriage and then across the entire nation. We returned to the states soon after, and now reside back in Boston, coming full circle from where we started." 

In the presence of their son Levi and their twin daughters, Sadie and Ella, the grooms got married on a gloriously beautiful day in Toronto, Canada, surrounded by their family and friends. And it was all planned in just three short months! That’s pretty impressive. Here's a video from our YouTube page that they created shortly after returning to the US to tell this heartwarming story.

Have you recently tied the knot with your man and want to shout it from the rooftops? Whenever and wherever you declare your love, we’d love to hear about your special day. Get in touch with us below and tell us all about it. Our community would love to see it too. Submit Your Story


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