Gay Dad Wedding: Ron and Sonny

After 25 years together, Ron and Sonny finally decided to tie the knot! On August 26, they were surrounded by friends and family as they made a lifelong commitment to one another.

Ron and Sonny have one son, Christian, whom they fostered, and then adopted, from Sonny's sister. At the time of Christian's adoption, marriage equality wasn't legal, so Sonny adopted him as a single parent. As he was the biological uncle, it made more sense for Sonny to legally adopt Christian.

Since adopting Christian, the two dads love having kids in their house, and often host Sonny's nieces. Ron and Sonny have also learned the importance of being open and honest with Christian's birth mom, dad and siblings. And now the family is closer than ever!

We wish this family another happy 25 years (and more) together! Thank you for sharing your big day with us!

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