Gay Dad Wedding: Doug & Brent

April 22nd became one of the most important days of our lives. After 10 years together and two years of raising our amazing son, we finally got married. Ever since I can remember, I have always dreamed of getting married and having a family. This was one of the biggest reasons I struggled with coming out. Brent has helped in changing my thoughts and I realized that all dreams could come true.

We adopted Sawyer after 7 years together, and his birth changed our lives completely. After the birth of our son, we knew that we wanted to get married for ourselves and our son. Prior to legalized gay marriage, we vowed not to get married until it was legal in the state we live in, Georgia. As luck would have it, a couple months after Sawyer was born gay marriage became legal everywhere in the United States. The clock started ticking and I knew it was only a matter of time that I step up and ask Brent to marry me.

Doug (left) and Brent with Sawyer

On our son's first birthday I proposed in front of a 100 family and friends. Even though everyone was there to celebrate our son's first birthday, I needed to be in the limelight for a bit. It was a perfect moment to share with everyone we love and Brent said "Yes." Immediately following, we started discussing what we both wanted for a wedding. We discussed Atlanta (where we live), New Orleans (where Brent grew up) or destination. Knowing we wanted tropical, a fun atmosphere, intimate crowd and relatively stress free, we settled on a destination wedding in Mexico. We selected the perfect resort in Playa del Carmen because it offered both a kids friendly hotel (Paradisus la Esmerelda) and an adult's only hotel (Paradisus la Perla).

The wedding group was everything we wanted, with the exception of an intimate crowd, there were close to 100 attendees and that is what made it so much fun! The wedding trip started with rain forecasted every day, and when we arrived, the sun was nowhere to be found and we were at risk of having to move everything indoors. The day before the wedding, a catamaran snorkeling/dancing/party cruise was held for everyone and the weather cooperated enough to enjoy to blue waters of Mexico. As for the wedding day, other than the 85% change of rain during the ceremony, we couldn't have asked for a better day. Luckily, someone above was looking out for us and the rain held off. On April 22 at 4PM one of our best friends married us, in front of all of our friends and family in the perfect ceremony on the beach. In fact, right after we said our vows and became husbands a rainbow appeared from above. Dinner and dancing followed with lots of celebrating!

I still cannot believe we are married. Something that seems so impossible just a few years ago has happened and we are glad we could celebrate our relationship and are thankful for the many people that fought for this right. Since then, I have officially changed my last name so that we could all be the Munster's. Please know that no dream is impossible, fight for what you believe in and hard work does pay off. Gay or straight, family is family and for anyone to say otherwise needs to take a look at themselves. Enjoy the video of our special day.

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