the best same-sex wedding websites and vendors to plan

From Rings To Suits: The Best Same-Sex Wedding Websites & Vendors

Wedding planning sounds like fun when you’re just daydreaming about the perfect venue, who you’ll invite, the dance list the DJ will play and, of course, the food and drink you’ll share with all your friends and family. In reality, however, it’s one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. 

For LGBTQ+ couples, finding your dream team of vendors often leads to feeling like you have to "come out" all over again, unsure of what the response will be. We’ve gathered together the best same-sex wedding websites and vendors to help you navigate through every decision without losing your sanity.

Save The Date Stationery

Sites like PurpleTrail and PaperStyle have a wonderful assortment of elegant, economical and LGBTQ-friendly invitation designs for you to peruse. From fancy to casual, feminine to masculine, floral to sleek - they’ve got you covered. 

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It’s so important to see companies like these with large sections of inclusive card templates pre-designed for the LGBTQ+ community, complete with images and language pertaining to same-sex couples and marriages. 

Heavenly Honeymoon Together

When it’s time to plan your honeymoon or even finalize details for a destination wedding, the people over at Purple Roofs can help you find the perfect destination. They specialize in highlighting LGBTQ+ friendly hotels, B&Bs, travel agents and tour operators. I’m sure they could even find a way to involve the kids if you asked!

Dapper Attire for The Big Day

dapper attire for gay wedding big day suits

Two traditionally masculine guys who want to wear suits have a plethora of choices (Armani and Kenneth Cole have 100% HRC ratings). However, if that’s a bit pricey or you want to spend more on the day itself, consider finding something online at an LGBTQ-supportive retailer like TheBlackTux and having it tailored to you at home.

If you’re trying to fit a wedding party of men, women and non-binary folks all wearing tuxedos, that’s a challenge you can overcome with a bit of research and consideration. Macy’s, a long-time LGBTQ-supporter, sells off-the-rack tuxes and suits at relatively affordable prices too.

Navigating the Legalities

Getting married is a thrilling mix of romance, party planning and legal issues, especially for couples who have been together for a long time but who haven’t been able to celebrate their partnership legally. Same-sex couples often have complex issues to deal with during their big day, including finalizing custody for their children. 

The website Find Law helps people navigate their way through the legal issues whether they want to eventually retain an attorney or go through the process themselves. It’s just a little helping hand that we all need sometimes. 

Ring Bands to Suit You

Of all the traditions same-sex couples leave behind, the giving and wearing of rings isn’t one of them. They’re sentimental and shopping for them can be a full experience to do together. inclusive ring bands for gay men

Gay-owned jewelers Love and Pride has been making queer wedding bands for decades now. They provide a “rainbow of possibilities” to design your own individual piece. 

Equalli is another supporter, which offers the world’s first transgender flag ring, a surprisingly subtle band using all-natural rainbow sapphires.

LGBTQ+ Photography: The Perfect Picture

When it comes to photographers, there are probably more LGBTQ-friendly photographers than any other type of vendor needed. However, while queer and LGBTQ-friendly photographers are abundant in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, couples in smaller Midwestern or Southern towns may not have as many choices.

Sites that list LGBTQ-friendly vendors like EnGAYgedWeddings, for example, can help you find the perfect photographer in your area. You can also search for hashtags on social media, especially image-based ones like Instagram. 

Slice of Happiness

cake topper for gay wedding etsy

Far more bakeries are catering to LGBTQ couples these days than those who aren’t, even in small towns. Schedule a tasting and ask them about designs, this is the moment to dig out all of the photo inspiration you’ve saved and show them that design you’ve been daydreaming about. 

The greatest part of LGBTQ+ weddings is seeing the fun things people do with the cake toppers. There’s plenty of independent Etsy sellers who would love to create something for your special day. Just have a browse yourself! There’s literally everything you could ever imagine. 

And since all items on Etsy are designed and handmade by artists it’s a fun and easy way to put your personal stamp as a couple on your special event. 

This is just the start but if this sounds like a lot, you can always hire a wedding planner to assist. They have connections with vendors and can make sure it all comes together as you imagined. Not everybody needs a full-fledged planner, but a coordinator can be that little bit of help you need. 

Do you have any same-sex wedding websites or vendors you’d recommend? Did you make your special day even more memorable by going that extra mile? Let us know! We’d love to hear about your wedding and share it with our community. Get in touch with us below.GET IN TOUCH WITH US >

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