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This summer gay dads and their kids can enjoy camps specifically for their families: LGBT camps together with your kids or an LGBT camp for just your kids! Check out the options below and decide which one you and your family might like to attend. We bet everyone will have an awesome time and make friends for life!

CampOut Family Camp (Decatur, Michigan)

August 19 - 21, 2017


From CampOut, some basic info about the camp:

"Enjoy all of the traditions of summer camp while participating in your favorite activities like waterskiing, sailing and rock climbing. CampOut offers LGBT families a memorable weekend to make new friends and connect with old ones via a fully inclusive registration (including meals, lodging and activities) in a safe and welcoming space!”

Register to reserve your spot today, visit their website or email for more details. They can’t wait to see you there!

Gays With Kids published an interview with two gay dad families about the fun experience they had, and what they most enjoyed about the camp. Read the article.

Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp (Berkshire Hills, New York)

September 1 - 4, 2017

From BHE Camp, some basic info about the camp:

"Berkshire Hills is a values-based Jewish camp that is welcoming to everybody. We are a co-ed, values based Jewish sleep-away camp for children and teens ages 7-16. Set on 640 acres in the beautiful Berkshires, our camp provides the perfect summer setting for community and fun.”

"On Labor Day weekend, Berkshire Hills will come alive with all types of LGBTQ families. Whether you want to sit by the pool, zip-line across the lake, hike, learn archery, bake cookies, canoe, scale the climbing wall, slide down the lake inflatables, discuss LGBTQ issues, attend a Shabbat service, volunteer for a Tikkun Olam (Acts of Kindness) Community Service project or sing by the campfire, we guarantee you will enjoy your stay. All activities are optional, and there will be time to enjoy activities with and without your children.”

Register to reserve your spot today, check out last year’s schedule, and visit their website!

Camp Highlight (Wernersville, Pennsylvania)

August 13 - 20, 2017

From Camp Highlight, some basic info about the camp:

"Camp Highlight is a one week overnight camp specifically for children from LGBT families. While at Camp Highlight, campers enjoy a top notch recreational experience delivered by caring and experienced counselors. Alongside recreation, we focus on reinforcing positive social values such as responsibility, cooperation, and kindness. Our goal is to introduce children from LGBT families to their lifelong friends while encouraging them to be their very best and most honest selves.”

"There are a variety of activities offered including archery, swimming, drama and improv games, kickball, art and crafts, and more. During the day, campers rotate through activities of their choosing in smaller groups. Each night, there is a whole camp program such as a dance, a talent show, carnival and, of course, campfires. At night, campers sleep in cabins with other campers of similar age and experienced camp counselors.”

Register to reserve your spot today, and visit their website!

Read an article about the camp published by Gays With Kids last year.

Location: South Mountain YMCA in Wernersville, Pennsylvania


If you know of any other camps or trips for gay dads and their kids occurring in 2017, please email so we may add them to the list!

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