Weekly Roundup: Prepare for Pride!

Pride Season is officially upon us! And while most people associate Pride with glitter, go-go boys, and all night dance parties, those of us with children want some family-friendly ways to celebrate the occasion as well. So this week, we've rounded up some of our favorite ideas for celebrating pride, along with some other great items in our latest weekend roundup!

Tees and Tank Tops for Pride Season

Our store has tees and tank tops perfect for Father's Day, Pride parades and summer time!

Have you checked out the collection?




Teach Your Children Well

"This Day In June" by Gayle E. Pitman is a kid appropriate way to explain the spirit of Pride in a fun, whimsical picture book that is age appropriate for young kids. The book includes a guide with facts about LGBT history and culture.


Rainbow Kicks for Kids!

Step into Pride Month with some rainbow kicks for your kids! These Converse are "sized for our tiny advocates" to help celebrate pride in style. The Nike store has sizes available in every size from infant to adult, so no worries, dads: you can get some too.


Find a Family Pride Event Near You!

Check out our roundup of family-friendly LGBTQ events in cities across the country, from Los Angeles to New Orleans! Know of an event that's not listed? Email us at dads@gayswithkids.com!


What Pride is All About

After writing that "pride is not about getting as naked as possible and being a drunk fool in the streets," "Stay at Home Dad" Frank Lowe found he hit a nerve with some of his followers. He explains his rationale in this week's essay.



Next Week... Can You Hear The Bells?

It's wedding season, and we've got you covered in next week's roundup! Have a photo of you and your kids at a wedding? Send them along to dads@gayswithkids.com and we'll include them in our wedding themed photo essay next week!





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