Weekly Roundup: Gay Dads in the Media!

Seems like gay dads are *everywhere* you turn in the media these days! We're on T.V., in children's books, and even on the radio. No complaints here! Not too long ago, a gay dad character on the big or small screen was cause for a major controversy. We still have a long way to go, but our star also seems to be on the rise... See for yourself in our latest weekly roundup celebrating gay dads in the media!

Dads In Ads!

Not long ago, companies wouldn't feature gay parents in ads for fear of a backlash from hate groups like One Million Moms. But today, everyone from Cheerios to Google is featuring gay dads in their ads! Check out our roundup of some recent commercials here.


Children's Books that Reflect Our Families

While most children's books still trade mostly in "mommy" and "daddy," there are new books coming out each year for gay dads and their kids (in both human or penguins form!). Check out our recent roundup of children's books, along with links to where you can purchase your own copies! Have a book you love that's not on our list? Let us know about it at dads@gayswithkids.com


Gay Dads Taking Over the Small Screen

Gay dads are ready for their closeup, Mr. Demille. Or so it would seem with the number of gay dads on T.V. lately! We counted 12 television shows that feature gay dad characters. (And on Facebook, our readers counted many, many more that we missed!) Here's hoping our families continue to be represented on both the big and small screens.


Gay Dads Poppin' up on Podcasts

The subject of gay parenthood is even creeping up in older media forms: the radio! Gay dad Dan Savage talks about all things love, sex, and relationships on his podcast Savage Love. In this week's episode, a gay foster dad discovers he and his son are both on Grindr. (Awkwardness ensues.) And in a recent Modern Love Podcast, a gay dad talks about his problem being celebrated on Mother's Day.


The Not So Friendly Skies

In two separate incidents this week, gay dads were profiled and treated poorly by two separate airlines, Southwest and United, leaving some gay dads concerned about their upcoming Memorial Day travel plans. Would incidents like these be avoided if the idea of a gay family was normalized or better represented in the media?


In Next Week's Roundup: Pride Month Begins!

June is here in just a couple of days, which means pride month festivities will officially begin! We want to hear all about how you plan to celebrate pride with your family this year. What does pride mean to you as a gay dad? Tell us all about it at dads@gayswithkids.com


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