Weekly Roundup: Celebrate Mother's Day the Gay Dad Way

Sunday is Mother's Day! For some, this holiday is a great opportunity to connect with the women who helped makes us dads. For others, it's not so simple. Whether or not you celebrate this Hallmark holiday, we've got your back this week. We're talking all things Mothers Day, the gay dad way:

Birth Mother Baskets

This non-profit provides a creative way to honor birth moms on Mother's Day. Started by a woman who is herself a birth mom, Birth Mother Baskets sends a basket full of gifts and goodies to birth moms all across the country to provide a token of appreciation and support for their journey.

Mother's Day the Gay Dad Way

Check out our feature story this week! We spoke with three different gay dad families to find out how they planned to celebrate Mother's Day this year. It turns out that as the modern definition of family morphs, so do traditions associated with honoring it.


Gay Men to the Women Who Made Them Dads

Gay or straight, no man becomes a dad without the help of a woman. And this Mother's Day, gay dads are saying thanks to all of the women---the birth moms, surrogates, egg donors, grandmas, friends, and more---who helped us on our path to fatherhood. Check out this beautiful photo essay here.


Shari's Berries Has Got You Covered (in Chocolate) for Last Minute Gift Ideas

Lest we forget... we also have our own mother's to honor this Mother's Day, too! Forgot to get a gift? Shari's Berries to the rescue! The company is offering some sweet "last minute" sales on its website---33% off a dozen dipped strawberries.


Next Week's Guide: We're Talking Summer Travel Plans!

Headed to Family Week in P-town? Or trying a family-friendly cruise? We want to hear where you and your family will be spending the hot summer months: send all your hot spots, gay family-friendly places, and toddler approved favorites to dads@gayswithkids.com. Let's hear where you're heading off to!


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Posted by Chris Phillips

Chris is a new dad living in Brooklyn with his husband and infant son. Chris became a dad through an amazing and strong open adoption. After bath time and bedtime, Chris likes to read novels by gay authors and perfect his banana bread game. Chris's favorite hashtag is #lovewins.

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