Wait, Did We Just See Two Gay Dads in Kohl’s New Commercial?

Move over, Tylenol. Kohl’s department store placed itself in the running this week for cutest ad featuring a gay couple.

A critical mass of family-oriented brands are now proudly including gay families in their advertising, signaling that the choice is as strategic as it is ideological.

Coming in softer than recent ads featuring gay couples, the Kohl’s commercial nonchalantly places the gay couple among family at the holiday table, helping with stuff and generally being normal, though exceptionally good-looking – not stereotyping, they swear! – human beings.

The semi-final scene shows the couple standing together at the table – possibly to make an exciting announcement? Or, you know, the one just stood up to let the other by so he could grab something from the kitchen. It’s hard to say.

It’s subtle, but it’s definitely not a mistake: Take a look at the family tree that shows the two front and center as a pair with a branch – again, hard to say – seemingly indicating they’re dads to a wee little baby.

The Tylenol ad is probably still cuter, but we’re so glad Kohl’s has joined the ranks of brands who get that it’s worth marketing to gay families – and it’s the right thing to do.

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