The Top 12 Meal Delivery Services for Busy Dads

For most dads, the motto “fitness is a way of life” isn’t always practical alongside a busy parenting schedule. Finding time to exercise whilst juggling  work and children is challenging. And if that wasn’t hard enough, you may have heard the old saying that weight loss starts in the kitchen.

Let’s talk about food, folks. (or “What’s for dinner, dads?”)

While exercise is important, what you put in your body can have an even greater effect on overall health and happiness. And dads, this isn’t just about you.  It’s just as important that your family  remains healthy and well-fed.

We’ve  compiled a detailed list of the top 12 food delivery services for busy dads and their families. We have paid keen attention to the needs of our busy families, and have outlined the pros and cons of every company.

A Review of the Top 12 Food Delivery Service Companies for Busy Dads.

1. Green Chef.

Green Chef Meal Delivery-1

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The Green Chef food delivery service provides ingredients and guided instructions for preparing healthy meals. It has been hailed as one of the best food subscription services for dads who are conscious about their health and the health of their kids. It offers a wide variety of dietary options such as paleo, keto, and plant-based menus, which makes it a preferred option for dads who are either health conscious or on a fitness regiment.

  • The ingredients are pre-portioned and accompanied by a step by step instruction guide for easy preparation.
  • The food is packaged in environmentally friendly containers, thus helping reduce pollution.
  • Green Chef offers a wide variety for you to choose from, with dietitian-approved menu options for everybody.
  • You can change your order details, or unsubscribe to the Green Chef service easily.


  • The meals are not ready-made and involve preparation which can be time-consuming for the busy dad.
  • Green Chef meals are pricey, depending on the subscription plan you select.

2. Snap Kitchen.

Snap Kitchen Meal Prep Service-1

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For the dad who has little time for home-prepared meals, Snap Kitchen is the real deal. The company delivers ready-made food that is prepared by chefs and dietitians to the highest levels of professionalism and hygiene. This ensures that you get tasty, highly nutritious meals at your convenience.

The company offers a wide variety of menu options for you to choose from, including paleo diets, high protein foods, fruits, and vegetarian options. 


  • Their meals are gluten-free and all under 500 calories, making them the best choice for weight-conscious people.
  • If you want ready-to-eat meals, then Snap Kitchen is for you.
  • They deliver fully prepared meals that can be consumed on the go.
  • The company has a custom plan that allows you to select your favorite foods from the whole menu. This feature is particularly convenient for you if you are on a strict diet like keto, or paleo.
  • You can freeze your meals for future use since they are hygienically packed in eco-friendly containers.
  • You can adjust your orders, and unsubscribe from the service easily.


  • Snap Kitchen services are not available in every part of the US.The meal plans are expensive if you select fewer deliveries per week.

3. Freshly.

Freshly Meal Delivery Service-1

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Another popular food delivery company in this category is Freshly. Renowned for its well prepared, ready to eat foods that require less than three minutes reheating.  The company is rated as one of the most convenient food delivery services. As a dad you are busy, and you will find their services very convenient. However, Freshly food delivery services target single people, and their meals serve one person. So their meal delivery model is very convenient for meals at work, and when alone in the house but needs to be customized for the family. 


  • Single person meal portions thus minimizing on wastage.
  • Food is ready to eat, and only requires minimal reheating/ microwaving.
  • There are a variety of menu options to choose from, and all the meals are gluten-free.
  • Their meals are hygienically packaged and can be frozen for future use.
  • You can order as few as four meals a week, without having to worry about the price shooting up.


  • Meals are largely meat and poultry-based, which makes it an unsuitable choice for vegans.
  • The single person portioned meals may not be suitable for the gay dads with larger families.
  • The food is packaged in plastic containers which, although recyclable, are not environmentally friendly.

4. Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest Meal Delivery Service-1

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Daily Harvest provides food delivery services that include smoothies, snacks, and meal options. The company is renowned for its nutritionally loaded smoothies, as well as their fruit bowls, high energy snacks, and much more. These energy loaded meal options are particularly convenient, and enriching for  health conscious dads. 


  • You create your own “box” of preferred meals and select a convenient delivery schedule. This is particularly important if you have a busy schedule.
  • The meals are fully prepared and frozen to ensure you spend the shortest time getting them ready for consumption.
  • Daily Harvest uses high quality, unprocessed ingredients to prepare their meals. These recipes are loaded with nutrients and are very beneficial to the person following a body fitness schedule.
  • The meals are packed in eco-friendly containers.
  • The meals are free from processed additives such as sugars and preservatives.
  • You can easily adjust your chosen delivery schedule, meals, skip deliveries, and cancel the subscription with ease.


  • Some of their unprocessed foods are low in calories and are best used as energy-rich snacks or side dishes.
  • The menu options can be pricey, depending on the plan selected.
  • The variety of menu options available may be limited to some people.

5. Sun Basket.

Sun Basket Meal Plan Delivery Company-1

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Sun Basket is another highly rated food delivery service. With a wide variety of menu options available for selection, the company makes the process of meal preparation fun for your whole family.

One thing that Sun Basket is renowned for is its organic menu. Their diet options feature organic eggs, wild-caught seafood, organically grown vegetables, and fruits, and on-processed grains. Their recipes are dietitian-approved and are recommended for fitness enthusiasts.


  • A wide variety of diet patterns are available to choose from, effectively taking care of your family’s different menu references.
  • Cancelling deliveries and adjusting your orders is a simple process.
  • Food packages come with pre-measured ingredients that make the preparation process simple and convenient.
  • Sun Basket offers great additional menu selections such as snacks, bone broth, jerky, among others.
  • The company uses environmentally friendly, and recyclable plastic packaging for all their meals.


  • The company does not ship to some parts of the United States.
  • Although their food is organic, the company does not recommend some of its products to people with severe allergic reactions.
  • The menu items are pricey compared to other popular food delivery services in its category.

6. Trifecta Nutrition.

Trifecta Meal Delivery Service-1

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If you enjoy eating healthy and are looking for a meal delivery service that has experience dealing with macros and meal prep, then you need to check out Trifecta. A number one choice for many famous sports people, Trifecta delivers meals that are designed to provide you with the best nutrition for your body and workouts. The company prepares balanced meals that have been scientifically proven to help you achieve enhanced training exercises, without compromising on the taste and quality of the meals.


  • Meals are professionally prepared under the watchful eye of Chef Mario Limaduran, to ensure the highest hygiene and quality standards.
  • There is a wide variety of menu options to choose from.
  • To unleash the fitness beast in you, the meals are balanced to offer more protein per calorie. This helps you gain muscle faster, and build on strength.
  • The meals are prepared on a strict, science-backed model specifically aimed at enhancing your physical fitness.


  • The meals are fairly expensive due to the high standards of preparation.
  • Menu items include both meat and vegetarian foods, which may not be suitable for some people.

7. The Good Kitchen.

The good kitchen delivery service-2

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Hailed by many for its convenience, The Good Kitchen delivers frozen, ready for consumption food right to your doorstep. The company liaises with local farmers to ensure that the ingredients they use are fresh, sustainable, and available all year round, and the meals are prepared by experienced chefs to the highest standards. Pros and cons of using The Good Kitchen’s food delivery services are:


  • Highly convenient for the busy dad as their meals are ready to eat and require minimum preparation.
  • The meals can be frozen for long periods, up to six months, allowing you to stock up without worrying that the food will go bad.
  • The food is peanut-soy-gluten free, and you won’t have to worry about getting an allergic reaction.


  • Due to the high quality of ingredients used, the meals at The Good Kitchen are expensive compared to most food delivery services in this category.
  • The meal delivery schedule is rigid since all deliveries are made on Mondays. This schedule might be inconvenient for many people.
  • The meals are packed in plastic containers, which, although recyclable, are not eco-friendly.
  • The variety of plant-based menu options is limited and may not be convenient for vegans.

8. Pete’s Paleo.

Petes Paleo Meal Delivery-1

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The Pete’s Paleo food delivery service is, as the name suggests, dedicated to delivering meals for people on the paleo diet. All the meals by this service are non-dairy, soy, and gluten-free. The meals are delivered fresh and ready to eat, which makes it one of the most convenient for gay dads with little time for food preparation.


  • Ready to eat meals that can be consumed on the go, thus saving time.>
  • Purely organic, gluten-free meals made using fresh seasonal ingredients.
  • The meals can be stored for future use.
  • For the fitness enthusiast, the meals are high in proteins, fiber, and healthy fats, and do not contain any allergenic.


  • Meals are packaged in plastic containers, which are not friendly to the environment.
  • Due to the high quality of fresh ingredients used, the meal plans are fairly expensive.
  • The food options are limited, which may be deemed unsuitable for some vegan customers.

9. Home Chef.

Home Chef Meal Delivery -1

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Another food delivery service which delivers pre-portioned ingredients and step by step instructions for meal preparation, Home Chef is one of the best-rated companies in this category. If you are a dad with a passion for oven-prepared meals, Home Chef delivers oven-ready ingredients to make your cooking hassle-free and enjoyable. They also offer a variety of healthy foods and comfort foods, thus catering for the picky eaters.


  • Meals are easy to finish, and all take you less than 30 minutes to get ready.
  • The wide variety of available meal options takes care of different diet patterns, including vegan and low carb diets.
  • The Home Chef system makes it easy for you to adjust menu choice, quantities and even cancel deliveries without any hitches.


  • The company processes all types of food including peanuts, soy, dairy, shellfish, and different nuts, and the food might not be suitable for people with allergic reactions to some of these food components.
  • The meals are packaged in plastic containers which are not environmentally friendly.

10. Real Eats.

Real Eats Meal Plan Service-1

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If you are a dad who is sick of feeding your kids with unhealthy food, then Real Eats is a food delivery service that you should probably consider. Founded by a single dad who grew tired of feeding his kids with unhealthy food, this company places a lot of emphasis on the preparation of quality, healthy meals for its customers. The meals are delivered in vacuum-sealed bags for easy reheating and enjoyment, and there is a wide variety of menu items to choose from.


  • The company offers a wide variety of food items to choose from including soups, drinks and snacks.
  • Real Eats produces high-quality meals, prepared using the freshest ingredients possible.
  • All meals are prepared by a Michelin starred chef, and approved by dietitians to ensure the best standards.
  • The portions are designed to serve a single person, which helps reduce wastage.
  • All meals are delivered fully prepared, and only require minimal reheating before consumption.
  • The Real Eats system allows you to easily cancel, adjust or skip your order.


  • Their meal options are fairly expensive due to the high-quality ingredients used in preparation.
  • The food delivery service is only available in 21 states, locking out many people who would prefer their services.
  • Food may contain allergenic components as a result of cross-contamination during preparation and is not recommended for people with serious intolerance.

    11. Purple Carrot.

    Purple Carrot Meal Plans -1


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    As the name suggests, Purple Carrot is a food delivery service that caters to vegetarian fathers and children. When looking for the best vegan food delivery services, this is one company whose services are recommended. Purple Carrot delivers healthy, fully prepared meals, and also pre-measured ingredients for quick and healthy meal fixes. Some of the pros and cons of using Purple Carrot’s services include:


    • The recipes are easy to prepare and come with easy to follow instruction guides printed on colorful recipe cards. These recipe cards are great for future reference.
    • Gluten free meals are available, as well as high protein meals for the fitness enthusiast.
    • Changing orders, unsubscribing and making orders is a simple process.
    • Food is packaged in eco friendly containers.


    • The available menu options are limited, hence may not cater for all customers.
    • The menu options can be pricey, depending on the selected plan.
    • The company has specific days for shipping, which may be inconvenient for some people.
    • Non-vegan people are not catered for by this company and this may be inconvenient for a family with varied food preferences.

12. Factor.

Factor Meal Delivery Service

Previously known as Factor 75, this food delivery company offers fully prepared meals that are prepared by chefs and approved by dietitians. They offer a variety of menus to choose from, and all their meals are prepared with customer preferences in mind. For busy dads, Factor offers a great way to enjoy convenient food regardless of personal preferences as each member of the family can select the meal of their choice from the menu. Some of the pros and cons of the Factor food delivery service include:


  • The large variety of foods on the menu offers you the freedom to switch diets to match your exercise regime.
  • You can freeze your meals for future use.
  • The meals are fully prepared and can be consumed on the go, adding to the convenience for the busy dad.
  • You can add extras to your meal order such as healthy snacks, fruit juices, and desserts.
  • The dietitian-approved meal patterns are designed to cater for different meal preferences and include options for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and meals for people with special dietary needs.


  • Factor meals are delivered in plastic trays, which are not environmentally friendly. However, these trays can be recycled.
  • Although Factor offers a great discount on meals, the meals can be pricey if you order fewer meals per week.
  • The vegan meal options are not as varied as the other menu options, which is a little limiting for vegetarians.


As a gay dad who wants to be health conscious and still maintain a level of fitness while also providing healthy options for the kids, these are what we believe to be the best option for you and your family. The best way of going about it is by following your preferences and personal needs for yourself, partner, and kids.  It’s about finding balance between what you like and also what will feed your body with the proper nutrients to sustain energy levels and fitness levels.

If you have little or no time for food preparation, you will need to check out the ready to eat meal options. For the dads who enjoy cooking dinners at home for the family, then the options with pre-prepped ingredients will come in handy. Don’t forget to check out the options with possible allergenic components among the top 12 food delivery services, so that you can avoid cases of severe reactions with your loved ones.

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