The Top 10 Tablets for Kids Remote Learning and Back to School

Kids are already going back to school while others, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, will be learning from home. Either way, having a tablet can help facilitate the education process. And these days, there are plenty of tablets geared towards younger kids that give you plenty of control as a parent to regulate your kid’s online activities.

Why purchase a kid's tablet?

A kid’s tablet features pre-installed apps. These apps and the browsers are kid-friendly, allowing children to use them without much of a learning curve. Most of these apps offer parental controls so you can limit the sites that the child can visit online.

Some of the apps allow the kids access to thousands of free books so they can study on their own. As a parent, you might have to subscribe to some of the apps to get access to the online resources available for your child.

For instance, Amazon Kids Tablets feature FreeTime Unlimited Service that kids can use to access thousands of books. Samsung offers LeapFrog Academy, which is an app that offers books, puzzles, videos, games, and music for kids. You will have to pay a monthly charge for these two services.

Once you have the tablet, you can add other apps from the Google Playstore and the Appstore. Besides these apps, tablets can access the internet and have the standard features such as camera for video classes.

Below are the top 10 tablets for your kids learning:

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

1. Amazon Fire HD 8-Inch Kids Edition
Tablets #1 Amazon Fire-1

Amazon Fire tablets were designed for kids and the 8-inch edition is one of the top tablets. Some of the features include:

• Durable construction
• Generous two-year accidental damage protection
• Parental controls
• Long battery life
• Free child-friendly content
• Soft speakers

The Amazon Fire HD 8-Inch Kids Edition features a rubber bumper that protects the tablet from scratches and cracks if it drops. Better yet, Amazon accompanies the bumper with a two-year warranty to further cover any accidental damages on the tablet.

Beneath the rubber bumper is a sturdy case. The case sports a rough texture and offers a small give so small and slippery hands will have a better grip of the tablet. You can remove the case with ease and set it back on. This is a great feature if your kid is destructive.

You can use the tablet for 10 hours straight with a single battery charge. If you do not need a heavy bass, which may not be necessary when the child is learning, the Amazon Fire HD 8-Inch Kids Edition offers a great soft sound. Each tablet has an 8-inch screen with 1280x800 resolution.

2. Amazon Fire HD 10-Inch Kids Edition

Tablet #2 Amazon-1

The Amazon Fire HD 10-Inch Kids Edition offers a larger screen for your child to learn with ease. Some of the features and specs on the tablet include:

• Better parental controls on most apps
• Generous 2-year warrant
• Long battery life
• Great camera quality
• A lot of Amazon content

This tablet is ideal when you need a larger screen for your child. The tablet can last for 13 hours and 29 minutes on a single battery charge. It might come in handy for older kids where you need more controls to limit access to adult content. Like its predecessor, the HD8, this tablet comes with a rubber bumper to protect it from scratches and cracks if it ever falls. Further, it has a two-year warranty to protect you from damages.

Amazon designed the screen to be super bright and offer decent color. Its camera is also impressive with a 2.0mp rear camera and a 720p selfie. The camera makes it ideal for video chats. With Amazon FreeTime, the kids have access to a lot of content while parents can control what the kids access online. Further, the tablet has a selection of PG games, shows, and other resources, and parents can add any other resources they deem fit for the kids.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Tablet #3 Samsung-2

Some of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A include:

• High quality bumper case
• Loud speakers
• High resolution screen
• 13-hour battery life
• 32GB storage with 2GB RAM

This lightweight tablet features a bright and clear 8-inch display with a 1280 x 800 HD resolution. The screen is great for watching Netflix shows or for reading under the bedsheets. Its bumper case is tough to protect it from scratches and cracks when it falls. The case also offers a firm grip so small hands cannot drop it.

It is a great tablet if you are looking to share the tablet with you kids. The adult variant lacks the bumper case and Samsung even offers a 10-inch variant when you need a larger screen.

The Android tablet comes with PlayStore preinstalled, giving the kids access to so many apps. Playstore offers parent controls, but not as thorough as on the Amazon kids tablets. With this tablet, Samsung Kids is available, which is an expansive library with books, videos, and games that kids will love.

Each tablet has 32GB storage with 2GB RAM so you can store all the learning resources you need. It also features duo camera so the kids can video calls and make videos for YouTube.

4. LeapFrog LeapPad Academy Tablet 

Tablet #4 Leapfrog-2

LeapFrog creates learning resources and apps for kids. No wonder their tablet is one among the best. The tablet has great features including:

• More than 20 learning apps
• Kid-friendly web browser with parent’s controls
• Access to Playstore for additional apps and resources
• Long battery life

Almost everything in the tablet offers educational benefits to your kids. It is recommended for kids between 3 and 8 years. The games and other activities adapt to the level of your kid. New activities appear when the kid hits different milestones. Its screen is shatterproof to protect it if it slips from the small hands of your child.

You can customize the home screen for your child, making it easier for them to access their favorite apps. Most of the apps on the app will challenge the kid to be better in math, coding, reading, spelling, science, and writing. Although there is a lot of content for the kids, parents can subscribe to access more content. It runs on a modified Android so you have better parental control.

Other features on the tablet include 16GB storage, dual camera for video calls, and 7-hour battery life.

5. Apple iPad Air 

Tablet #5 Ipad-2

Apple iPad might be the best tablet for learning, but there are two simple problems; they are relatively expensive and the parental controls are missing. However, you will have the best features for the kid to learn. Some of the features include:

• Long battery life, up to 10 hours
• High quality stereo speakers
• 10.5 bright retina display
• Fast operation
• Fast A12 Bionic Chip
• Supports smart keyboard

The Apple iPod Air is a great tablet when you need a tablet that you can share with your kids. The features are great, which explains the high price tag (still more affordable than other iPads). You will have access to the Apple Store where you can download all the apps and resources you need. It features a 10.5-inch display with 2224 x 1668 resolution for the brightest colors.

It is a great option for kids who are learning to write as the colors come to life when the child writes on it with the iPad pencil. It is also compatible with the Apple Smart Keyboard so your child can learn how to type with ease. Although the keyboard is an expensive addition, it is a great option for older kids.

Its battery will last for more than 10 hours on a single charge. If you are willing to trust your kid with an expensive tablet, the iPad Air is your best bet. You might have to buy a cover separately to protect the tablet.

6. Apple iPad Pro 

Tablet #6 Ipad Pro-2

The benefit of the Apple iPad Pro is that it is a strong option for kids who might go around dropping the tablet. Some of its strong features include:

• Sleek and light design
• Bright retina display
• Long battery life, more than 10 hours
• Fast A12X bionic speed
• Offers 64GB storage or more

This is an ideal tablet for older children who can handle it without dropping. The screen is 12.9 inches for a large display. It offers AR capabilities, allowing your kids to bring their creativity to life.

Kids that are learning to write or draw can use the Apple Pencil, which offers smooth drawing experience. Each drawing comes out colorful, thanks to the X-box One S graphics for a great gaming experience. In this tablet, Apple removed the large bezel to create a tablet that looks like it is all screen. You can choose between 64GB storage (base model), 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage options.

The only problem with the pad is that you will pay more for these great features. Again, you have to buy a cover to protect the screen.

7. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition 

Tablet #7 Amazon fire 7-2


If the Apple iPads are a few hundred dollars above your budget, the Amazon Fire 7 might be a great tablet for you. This works well for younger kids, between 3 and 8 years as older kids might find it too basic. Some of the features include:

• Advanced parental controls
• Expandable 16GB storage
• Tiny but high quality speakers
• Rubber bumper protection
• 2-year warranty

The Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition has received an upgrade to offer better speeds and more storage. It also has a better adjustable stand and the voice commands work better with this tablet.

This tablet is affordable for most parents and still offers great features to keep your kid entertained and educated. It features a protective bumper to protect the screen from cracks and scratches. With this tablet, you get a year of free access to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited where the kid can access more than 10,000 free books, apps, videos, and games.

You will have more control as a parent so the kids do not make purchases in-app or access adult content. You can also use Fire’s Smart Filters to give broad permissions. It also comes with Alexa, which only works when the parental controls are inactive.

8. Lenovo Tab 5 8-Inch 

Tablet #8 Lenova Tab-2


You can use this tablet to carry on your business and then later transform it into a kids’ tablet using the Lenovo Kid’s Pack. The pack contains a rubber bumper, screen filters, and fun stickers. Some of its strengths include:

• Long battery life, up to 20 hours
• Fast processor for great performance
• Bright display
• Dual camera for video calls
• Great value for money

If your kids are slightly older, this cost-effective tablet might be a great option for them. It is an ideal option for those who need a tablet not made with the simplistic features of a kids’ tablet.

It features Android operating system unlike the Amazon Fire tablets that offers a modified Android. This allows your kid the access to thousands of apps on Playstore. It has a decent battery life lasting for up to 20 hours on a single charge. If you need to proof the tablet for the kids, you can buy the kids pack, which only costs $20. The pack helps protect the tablet from damages.

The 8-inch display offers a resolution of 1280 x 800, which is great for gaming, web surfing, and videos. It also offers loud audio for a learning tablet.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Tablet #9 Samsung Galaxy-2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a great choice for kids above ten years. It is a full-featured Android tablet to offer the best for kids’ remote learning. Some of its strengths include:

• Slim and light
• Crisp clear display
• 15 hours on single charge
• Fast charging
• Smart connectivity

This is a tablet for older kids who need more features. It offers more gaming power with a sleeker display and more features. Your kids will appreciate the fact that the tablet is light and sleek with a 10.5-inch display and AMOLED screen. The processor is fast and the graphics are impressive.

Your kids will have access to all Android Apps on Google Playstore. Because this is a full-featured Android tablet, you might also want to use it at times. It allows you to create separate profiles for every family member the same way you can set user accounts on PC or laptop.

Samsung offers a Kids Mode on the tablet so you can install the parental controls you need to control your kids’ online activities. Your kids can use it for reading, writing, watching movies, playing games, or doing assignments. It is also great for video calls, thanks to the 13mp rear camera and 8mp front camera.

To get started, you might need to buy a bumper case for the tablet as it lacks a protective case, and also set up the profiles.

10. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 

Tablet #10 Galaxy Tab E-2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is another educational-friendly tablet from Samsung. It is also a budget-friendly tablet as it costs less than full-featured tablets from Samsung. Being an Android tablet, the tablet offers kids access to so many resources online, allowing them to learn with ease. Some of the features include:

• Full access to apps on Playstore for learning
• Crystal clear display on 7-inch screen
• Expandable memory up to 32GB
• Great audio
• Up to 9 hours battery life

If you need a learning tablet that is more advanced than the Amazon Fire, but costs less than the iPad and other advanced tablets from Samsung, this might be the best choice for you. It runs on Android OS, making it an ideal choice when your older kid needs apps for entertainment and learning.

It is a smaller tablet at only 7 inches. The screen is bright and clear, allowing the child to play games, make video calls, and draw with great ease. The child can also store learning resources in its expandable memory. It’s clear and soft audio system makes it ideal for listening.

How to Pick the Best Tablets for Kids Remote Learning

When shopping for a tablet, you need to consider the age of the kid. Kids between 3 and 10 years are best suited for less advanced tablets with learning apps, a few gaming apps, drawing pads, and camera. Here, the Amazon Fire and LeapFrog tablets come in handy.

Kids above ten years might want more features and this is where you need to get an advanced tablet such as the Samsung and Apple tablets.

Whether you pick the Amazon Fire Kids or the Apple iPad, you need to pick a tablet with parental controls. This way, you can control your kid’s online activities. For toddlers, you need a tablet that can withstand falls and scratches. Choose a unit with a rubber bumper and other protective features.

Lastly, you need to check the pre-loaded content to ensure it is appropriate for the age of your child. You need educational content, apps, and games to get started.
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