The Best Toy Storage Organizers for Keeping the Toys at Bay

The Best Toy Storage Organizers for Keeping Kids the Toys at Bay


Have you ever stepped on a Lego or matchbox car in the dark? I have. It hurts.

Having a good toy organizer helps to keep those toys off the ground, and also teaches your kids how to put their playthings away. Toy organizers come in all sorts of designs and sizes, plus they can offer specific storage for Legos and art supplies.

Preventing injuries and accidents, toy organizers can pose safety issues if they have a bad design. It’s important to consider how your children will be using the toy organizer and whether it is safe for them to use. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best toy organizer for your little ones and their favorite toys.

Best Toy Organizer Reviews

1. Battat Toy Storage Unit

1. Battat Toy Storage Unit

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Equipped with ten stackable and moveable plastic bins, the B. Spaces by Battat is a great way to sort your children’s toys. Featuring two large bins, you have space for books and large toys while the eight small bins can hold smaller toys. Easy to clean, the bins can withstand any sticky messes your child can create.

The Battat Toy Storage Unit is a good size for small children and toddlers to reach allowing them to learn to put their toys away. It is also easy to move with its lightweight and integrated handles allow you to move the whole piece at one time.

Since these bins don’t use characters that your child will outgrow, the Battat Toy Storage Unit offers a timeless look. Using edges that are rounded for added safety, the organizer has a modern design that will blend into almost any room in your home. Featuring an ivory-colored frame, the style of this toy organizer includes solid wood dowels and sea glass colored plastic bins.

2. Sorbus Toy Storage Unit

 2Sorbus Toy Storage Unit
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Featuring an elegant appearance, the Sorbus Toy Storage Unit has a top lid that flips up making this a long-term solution that is also affordable. This practical solution lets you stores your children’s toys right now, but, later on, you can use it to store crafts, books, and linens. Constructed out of nonwoven linen, this toy organizer has a gray chevron pattern that is simple to maintain with just a wet cloth.

The design of the Sorbus Toy Storage Unit was created with safety in mind. Featuring a detachable and lightweight Velcro divider, this toy chest has soft edges and a lid that protects your child’s fingers. Plus, you can remove both if you want.

The divider can be used when sorting your child’s toys into different compartments, or you can detach them to store your child’s larger toys. Equipped with handles that are built-in, it’s possible to move this toy organizer with your kid’s toys inside to another room, so you can keep an eye on your kids as they play. When you aren’t using this toy chest, you can fold it up and store it until you want to use it again.

3. Sprouts Toy Storage Unit

3 Sprouts Toy Storage Unit

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An easy way to organize your child’s toys so you aren’t stepping on them all the time, the 3 Sprouts Toy Storage Unit a lid that is lightweight and a lower height, which children are able to close and open safely. Allowing your children to keep their playthings out of the way when they aren’t playing with them, this toy storage unit has a modern design that will complement your playroom. This is a handy tool when teaching your child how to put their toys away when they are done.

Constructed with 100% polyester fabric, the 3 Sprouts Toy Storage Unit has stiff sides thanks to its cardboard inserts that keep the sides firm, but they aren’t so stiff that they will cause any injuries. Great for children that are learning independent play, this chest is can also be purchased in other designs.

4. Delta Children Toy Organizer

4Delta Children Toy Organizer

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Capable of holding 50 pounds, the Delta Children Toy Organizer features a deluxe multiple bin design that is perfect for kids that have a wide range of games, toys, and craft supplies. Equipped with 12 bins made out of polyester fabric, it offers a variety of color and size choices that will fit a lot of your kid’s toys. These lightweight fabric bins allow your kids to easily reach them as they clean up their toys.

Equipped with a strong wooded frame, the Delta Children Toy Organizer will support all your child’s toys as well as the bins making it ideal for children between three and six. This is a nontoxic toy organizer that is safe for kids to use. It has a minimalistic design that has corners that are rounded to create a sleek appearance. It does not include handles on the baskets, which can make the baskets difficult for smaller children to use.

5. Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer

5Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer

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This extra-large wood toy organizer can hold 25% more toys than other organizers. The Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer is perfect for a playroom, bedroom, or living room, but can also fit in a closet if you want it out of the way. Featuring 12 standard-sized plastic bins, this toy organizer also comes with four double-sized bins, which are simple to maintain and can withstand energetic playtime.

The Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer is made with phthalate and BPA-free see-through plastic that is easy for kids to reach their toys. Also features metal rods and wood panels, this toy organizer is durable and can withstand rough play. This practical, large, and long-lasting toy organizer comes in 6 color options that will match your child’s favorite color or your home décor. 

6.My Organized Abode Toy Storage Unit

 6My Organized Abode Toy Storage Unit
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A practical solution for keeping your bath toys organized, the My Organized Abode Toy Storage Unit keeps your children’s toys separate from their regular toys. When you put a wet toy in a typical toy organizer, it can cause mold to start growing in the small crevices. Using a breathable mesh fabric, this bath toy organizer allows toys to dry in the kid’s bathroom while providing an area that is clutter-free.

The My Organized Abode Toy Storage Unit can hold quite a few toys. So, if you have an overflow of boats and rubber ducks, this organizer can help control the mess. Equipped with a set of adhesive hooks and a set of super-strong suction cups for a more permanent position, you will only have to clean this toy organizer every few months.

 7. Little Tikes Toy Chest

7Little Tikes Toy Chest

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This is a beautiful toy chest that helps children learn to keep their playroom clean and organized. The Little Tikes Toy Chest is a great way to engage your child in keeping their toys tidy. Equipped with two bins that you can remove, and they are sized to hold several different sized toys like cars, dolls, and Lego cars.

Every Little Tikes Toy Chest includes a lid that is safe for kids to use along with an organized and clean exterior. Durable and good quality, the toy chest features a large storage area when you can store those extra-large toys that just don’t fit anywhere else. Offering six cubic feet of storage space, this toy box only weighs 20 pounds, so it's easy to move when needed.

8. KidKraft Children's Bookcase

8KidKraft Childrens Bookcase

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If your child loves to read, the KidKraft Children’s Bookcase is a great choice. Equipped with a nook that makes a cozy, cushioned sport for reading, this toy storage unit offers six places for toys, dolls, stuffed animals, and books to be stored. There are also shelves on each side of the nook that can hold a reading lamp or other types of décor.

Perfect for ages two to five, the KidKraft Children’s Bookcase is a sturdy piece that is safe for your kids to use and sit on. Constructed of composite wood materials, this is an easy to assemble unit that is available in espresso, white, or natural colors.

9. White Art Craft Storage

9White Art Craft Storage

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This stackable toy storage unit is lightweight, made of plastic, and features three tiers of organization. The White Art Craft Storage has plenty of room to store small items in your child’s room or playroom. Durable and long-lasting, the plastic construction will hold well for many years if used properly.

Perfect for art supplies, building blocks, toy cars, and dolls, the White Art Craft Storage unit looks just like a typical cabinet, so it will work well with any room’s décor. This cabinet can be mounted onto a wall for extra stability, and it comes equipped with drawer dividers to separate the different toys and art supplies.

This storage unit can easily be stacked in your child’s room, although it may become too high for your child to reach toys on in the drawers towards the top. However, it’s a great way to remove toys that you want to take out of circulation for a while. Easily rearrange the drawers until you want to put them into use again.

This is a great choice for a preschooler who has several smaller toys as well as school supplies that need to be stored neatly. The transparent drawers easily display what is inside helping your child quickly access and identify where his toys and school supplies are. The White Art Craft Storage unit is also a great choice for children over five since it can store all kinds of small items.

Features to Look For In a Toy Box:

It’s important to look for a toy storage box that not only fits your children’s needs but also the décor of the room that it will be in. When it comes to toy storage units, there are a lot of options on the market to choose from. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you shop.

Design – A child’s storage box for toys and playthings are typically designed for parents and kids. Designers have a challenge in trying to create a storage unit that both parents and children will enjoy. It’s important that toy storage boxes help parents to teach their kids about organization and keeping their bedroom and playroom clean.

The design of a child’s storage box needs to entice a child with its use of shape and color variety. It should also be designed to fit with the room’s décor and available space. You also want to make sure that it is large enough for all your child’s toys to fit without being seen.

Educational Value – Every child has a tendency to create chaos in the bedroom or playroom when playing with their toys. Not only is a storage box intended to keep a room organized, but it is also meant to teach your child about the principles of organization that are just a part of a child’s development as well as human civilization. You need to make sure that the toy storage unit that you buy will be able to teach your child positive organizational values at an early age that will be beneficial for them as they grow.

Materials – You want to find a high-quality, sturdy, and durable toy storage box if your children will be using it. It’s important that the storage box is capable of withstanding the abuse from your kids as they play. And, if you end up with fabric containers, they should be equipped with cardboard sides while the box itself should be made of wood.

Safety – Above all else, you want a safe product for your child to use. When you are searching for the perfect toy storage box, you should be most concerned as to whether it is safe for your child. A few safety measures that you can look for include edges that are round, safety hinges, and no splintering or breakage.


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