The Best Pandemic Product Purchases You May Have Missed

As the pandemic drags into its umpteenth month, as we're all adapting to our new socially distanced realities, online shopping has never been more popular. At first, we stocked up on toilet paper. With the gyms closed, we then raided Amazon of every last dumbbell and exercise band. 

We took a dive into some of the the other things people bought during this time, and found several that may have passed you by. Here's a list of top items that may leave you wondering why you didn't think of buying that "perfect" item for our new quarantined lifestyle.

#1 A Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

#1 Dyson V11

We're spending more time at home than ever meaning there are crumbs and dirt in places I never knew existed. We decided it was time to invest in an amazing vacuum. We chose the Dyson V11. It's been totally worth it. It's like those vacuums the old school salespeople bring by that claim to suck every tiny piece of dirt from your carpet. Our house is spotless because of this gem.

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#2 CleanPod UVC Sterilizer

#2 Cleanpod UV
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It's as if germs are lurking everywhere, so we got a little handheld sterilizer. This is made with direct UV light so it kills germs on basically anything. We pointed it at everything from grocery bags and mail to clothing and food. It's not soap, but it's a pretty cool tool to have in the house.

#3 A Casper Mattress

#3 Casper Mattress
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If I was going to live in fear, I was going to sleep like a king. We've had the same mattress forever, so we figured the pandemic gave us an excuse to dive into a new Casper mattress.  It is something that has changed our lives believe it or not.  You spend one third of your life sleeping. We need sleep more than ever during this time. This mattress helped us get the sleep we needed to face the next day.

#4 Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

#4 Garmin Running pod

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I've been doing all of my running either outside or on the treadmill. We had a rusty old treadmill collecting clothing, so we got it up and going. I decided it needed something interesting so I added a Garmin Running Dynamics Pod. I just put it on my shoes then fixed up my avatar. I got to compete against all kinds of other runners on the island. It's like playing a video game while working out.

#5 Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth Headphones

#5 Bose Quiet Headphones

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I need the best headphones around to deal with a million work calls during the day. I chose the

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones because they're easy to use and the world doesn't have to listen to my phone calls. These are lightweight and super comfy. They cancel out all of the house around me so I don't have to hear the kids screaming in the next room either. Best of all, they have four built-in beam-forming microphones. These were a definite win for both work and home life. 

#6 Silentmode Powermask

#6 Silentmode Sleep mask
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I got something that looks like the future and behaves like the present. The Silentmode Powermask
helped me get a good night of rest through the most stressful of days. It looks like a sleep mask, but it's so much more. It blacks you out from the entire world. There's no light beams getting through Japanese microfibre fabric and memory foam mask. There's noise isolation that blocks all sound. You can even connect your phone to its Bluetooth headphones to listen to calming music before bed.

#7 Gilette Heated Razor Kit

#7 Gillette Heated razor
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The cold, dull blade of my everyday razors weren't cutting it for me in quarantine. I decided to get a Gilette Heated Razor Kit. The heated bar is soft and warm. It gives me the sweet sensation of fresh blades. I follow it up with a hot towel to feel like I'm at a real barber shop.

#8 Bosch IXO Cordless Drill

#8 Bosch IXO Drill
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Every family needs a good cordless drill. I went for the Bosch IXO Cordless Drill. I had a drill already, but this one just caught my eye. During the pandemic I not only started to fix things around the house we wanted to update our design a little. I did a lot of little projects around the house, so it was the easiest thing to get out and use. I also just like the feel of a drill in my hands.

#9 Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

#9 Nordictrack bike

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I have to admit I wanted to jump on the Pelaton bandwagon but the price was a little steep and I settled with the Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle. I have been super happy with it. I had to quit my gym membership so I needed a way to stay fit. I was getting tired of taking walks and lifting weights in the garage. The S22i Studio Cycle was a great investment. I was able to change up my rides and have a little fun at the same time.

#10 A Mixologist Set

#10 Mixologist set

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Most people are so used to going out to have a drink on the weekends after a tough week of work. I decided I would bring the drinks to me. I got into researching a mixologist set. It's the coolest thing because you can make all kinds of fun drinks. From flavored margaritas to all sorts of mixed drinks. Once we can have parties again, I'll use it to entertain everyone with my new skills.

#11 Fun Men's Onsie Pajamas

#11 Mens Pajamas

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If I was going to chill out in the house all day, I planned to do it in comfort. I got some of the softest, most comfy pajamas. I probably wouldn't have thought twice about pjs in the past, but aside from while working from home or being on zoom, I thought it was a fun way to have fun and be comfortable. I wasn't buying any more work cloths for the time being, so I just went a different direction.

#12 A Nintendo Switch

#12 Nintendo Switch

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I'm sure every guy that loves a good game got deeper into electronics during this time. I went for the Nintendo Switch because it's perfect for the whole family. Everyone likes to take turns playing because it's super easy to use. I showed the kids the original games and got to take a trip down memory lane.

#13 The Vivohome Ice Shaver Snow Machine

#13 Ice Shaver Machine

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Everyone loves an old fashioned snow cone. We decided to make our own with a Vivohome ice shaver snow cone machine. This is a handy little machine that makes it easy to make shaved ice. You can buy syrups online, but you can also just make them at your house with some water, sugar and kool aid packets. I'll let you in on a little secret. I enjoy putting in a little rum or vodka with my mixtures!

#14 Huge Jigsaw Puzzle

#14 Huge Jigsaw Puzzle

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Puzzles bring us back to childhood. I just took it up another notch and got a huge, entertaining puzzle. The kids can help out, too, but it's really for me. I went for a Star Wars one because the picture was cool. It provided us entertainment for days. Puzzles are also a little secret way to calm down because you're so into concentrating you forget about the stress of the world.

#15 Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

#15 Fitbit Versa 2

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I had to step up the game with my workouts. That's why I went for the Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch. It's easy to glance at to know where I'm at in my day of staying fit. I can check on the weather while I check on my heart rate. It measures my sleep time even. It lets me download Pandora stations and even add my playlists. It was an excellent purchase given the times.

#16 A Hanging Gravity Chair

#16 Zero Gravity

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Our outdoor lounging chairs were normal and boring. I decided it was time to get a zero gravity chair. I use it every day. It's perfect because you can just sit in and chill out. You feel refreshed and ready to hit the day again. Sometimes I'll just sit there and play on my phone answering work e-mails and other times I'll take a quick nap. It's my happy place.

#17 Nest Wi-Fi

#17 Nest Wifi

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I learned early into quarantine we needed the best internet possible for working and playing. We splurged on the Nest Wifi mesh system. I went for one router and two points so we could spread these throughout the house. I also liked that it has a smart speaker system so I can say something and it broadcasts throughout the house. It's like a toy that also provides me wifi. I've become a little kid again in some of my purchases, but it's worth it.

#18 Bidet

#18 Bidet

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This is going to sound crazy, but a bidet is one of the coolest purchases ever. You're going to spend so much time at your house so you might as well have the best toilet ever. At the beginning of the pandemic everyone remembers the toilet paper shortage. If you bought a bidet, you didn't have to worry about the lack of tp. They may not like to admit it, but a bidet is heaven as it sprays warm water and you feel fresh and clean as a daisy.

#19 A Nutribullet

#19 Nutribullet

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If you don't already have one the Nutribullet is awesome!  This everyday blender can make everything, including soup, dressings, shakes, and more.  Leaving you with all the good stuff from fruits and veggies as well unlike juicers.  We were cooking a lot more so we needed a great blender. This thing could blend up a concoction of anything cool. 

#20 Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

#20 Fire 7 Tablet

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I know kids aren't supposed to have too much screen time, but a kids tablet can save your sanity. Young kids need stuff to do. You can avoid having to loan them your phone or iPad to play games and watch videos. Kids love to play, and there are many educational games, too. When school closed, it's important to find a way for the kids to get in that extra boost of education while having fun at the same time. They didn't quite understand what it meant to "quarantine" and this gives them something extra to do.

#21 KBS Pro Bread Machine

#21 Bread Machine

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The smell of baking bread goes through my house making everyone smile. This electronic bread maker was one of the best additions to our home during the quarantine. With a bread maker, no one had to mix and knead the dough themselves but we still had fun making it. This gives us the perfect bread without all the work. At the beginning of quarantine, it was tough to find regular bread. We decided to make our own then slowly got into making special breads like banana and zucchini.

#22 The Theragun Elite

#22 Theragun Elite

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If you have yet to purchase a massage gun they are such a great tool to have. The one I bought has multiple modes so I can choose the pressure I'm feeling at the time. I don't need to rely on the massage therapist or anyone to massage me with their hands. Plus it's great fun if you have a partner who can use it on you. One of the best things about this massage gun is that one person can have a deep tissue while another can have a soft massage with different types of heads.

#23 - Inflatable Pool

#23 Inflatable pool

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It was so hard to find any kind of pool during the warmer months. I finally found the perfect inflatable pool that not only kids can enjoy but you too.  There wasn't a lot to set up and and it was nice to relax in it. Kids can slip on their goggles and have a nice swim, too.

#24 10 Piece Tri-ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set

#24 pots and pans

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When you know you are going to be cooking a lot more nothing is better than a good set of pots and pans. Nothing burns or scratches. The lids are great and fit perfectly. These are definitely just perfect for all cooking needs.  I knew during the pandemic we would cook a lot more and our pots and pans were looking a little sad.  These made for a great upgrade

#25 Air Purifier

#25 Air PUrifier

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I wanted the freshest air blowing through my house. You can put all sorts of filters in, but I wanted the best. I went with an air purifier air filter. I'm very happy that I don't need to worry about the air so much. It keeps everything flowing perfectly.  It's something we don't typically think about but the air you breath is important.

There you have it!  Again we realize that not everyone is out shopping right now, everyone is in a different place, and we are all supporting each other in many different ways.  We put this list together as a  list of top items that were being purchased during the pandemic.  Plus it was a great way to get some ideas for the upcoming holidays.  Take care everyone!

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