The 15 Best Subscriptions Boxes Every Dad Should Know About

Best Subscription Boxes for Fathers

Subscription boxes have become wildly popular in the last few years as a convenient and fun choice for busy families. Keeping up with your hobbies is tough when you're juggling kids, work, and family life. A subscription box is an easy way to treat yourself, fill out your wardrobe, or just relax. Not to mention subscription boxes might be a particularly a smart thing for dads to consider during the pandemic as it limits time in stores, and being around other people. 

If you're struggling with finding the time to update your wardrobe, follow your hobby's latest product innovations, or plan out meals, a subscription box might be perfect for you. Whether you're interested in cooking, grooming, clothing, pets, fitness, or others, there's a subscription box for that!

Generally speaking, subscription boxes range in price from $10-$80 a month. Watch out for 6 and 12-month deals that have a better value for a larger price tag upfront.

With such a huge variety of boxes on the market in 2020, it can be almost impossible to choose which one is right for you. We've narrowed down a few of the Best Subscriptions Boxes that every busy dad should know about to make the decision a little easier. These are 15 Top Subscription Boxes for men in 2020.

1. Dollar Shave Club

Men Sub 2-1

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Price: Starts at only $5 for a starter set, then varies depending on your profile and customization choices.

What Dad Gets: As one of the most customizable boxes out there, Dollar Shave Club lets you decide exactly what you want in your box and how often you want your box delivered. In addition to shaving products like razors and shaving cream, Dollar Shave Club also sells other grooming items. These include body wash, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and others. Dollar Shave Club regularly receives rave reviews of their high-quality products that are formulated to address specific skin concerns.

Remembering to stock up on grooming and skincare refills can be tough in a busy family. Whether you're interested in an entire regimen, or just need regular refills on your shaving supplies, Dollar Shave Club lets you customize your box to perfectly fit your needs.

The Bottom Line: Affordable and high-quality products combined with their customizability has made Dollar Shave Club one of the most popular subscription boxes for several years.

2. Stitch Fix

Men Sub 3-1

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Price: $20 styling fee that applies to whatever you keep.

What Dad Gets: Stitch Fix is one of the best-known clothing subscription boxes. After you take a survey, you'll be given a personal stylist who will choose items for you based on your preferences. Your stylist will take your unique size, budget, and lifestyle into account, along with your color and style preferences. The more boxes you get, the better your stylist's recommendations will be as they learn your specific preferences and style.

Each box contains 5 items. The $20 styling fee goes towards anything you decide to keep while shipping the rest back is free. You can also request (or skip) a box as often as you like.

The Bottom Line: Stitch Fix is an excellent choice for dads who have trouble finding clothes they like and don't know where to start. Free shipping and a high degree of flexibility make this a great box for anyone who wants to expand their wardrobe.

3. BarkBox

Mens Sub 4-1

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Price: $29 a month.

What Dad Gets: Every month, BarkBox sends you a collection of toys, treats, and grooming products based on a theme that makes the items fun for humans as well as dogs. Squeaky plushies, sturdy chew toys, and tough tug ropes are just a few of the possible items you might receive.

Treats are always high-quality and free of corn, wheat, and soy. Each box is customized based on your dog's size. You can also choose not to include a specific kind of meat if your dog is allergic. BarkBox will also send your dog a special birthday box!

The Bottom Line: With a variety of hilarious themed toys and high-quality dog treats for an affordable monthly price, BarkBox is perfect for any dad who wants to treat the family pup.

4. Cairn

Men Sub 5-1

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Price: $29.95 a month.

What Dad Gets: For dads who love outdoor adventures, Cairn is a subscription box that sends you essentials like insulated mugs, athletic socks, and fire starters. While all subscribers receive the same box some months, be sure to fill out your profile so that boxes can be customized to your hobbies and outdoor lifestyle. You can expect to receive up to a $50 value of full-sized outdoor products curated and tested by Cairn.

Whether you're interested in hiking, camping, snowboarding, or any other outdoor hobby, Cairn's monthly selection of high-quality outdoor gear can help you discover the best products.

The Bottom Line: Cairn is perfect for busy dads who love taking their family on outdoor adventures and want to discover new products to make their adventures even better.

5. Gainful

Men sub 6-1

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Price: $49 for a 28-serving bag of protein powder, with an additional cost for other supplements.

What Dad Gets: Gainful's fitness subscription plan sends you a personalized bag of protein powder on a set schedule. After entering your fitness goals, dietary needs or preferences, and current physical shape, Gainful will create a personal protein supplement blend. You'll be provided with a few different formulas to choose from.

Each ingredient is specifically selected to best fit your fitness needs, and each shipment comes with free flavor shots. Choose the same flavor every time, or mix it up and discover all six. Subscribers also receive free one-on-one access to a Registered Dietician to help them understand and best use their supplements.

The Bottom Line: For a highly-personalized, fitness-oriented subscription box, Gainful's protein powder supplements are an excellent choice for a busy dad looking to meet his fitness goals.

6. Green Chef

Mens Sub 7-1

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Price: Starts at $6.99-12.99 a serving.

What Dad Gets: Perfect for busy parents who don't have time to plan out and portion ingredients for a week's worth of meals in advance, Home Chef sends you high-quality ingredients that let you cook delicious and healthy meals at home. Green Chef offers a high degree of customizability for family size, dietary preferences, number of meals per week, and allergies. Each meal is designed to be prepared in about 30 minutes, making it easy and convenient for even the busiest family. Deliveries are weekly, but you can skip a week or cancel with no penalties.

The Bottom Line: Green Chef makes family meals a little easier by providing customizable, fresh, pre-portioned ingredients that come together quickly for a delicious home-cooked meal.

7. Carnivore Club

Men Sub 8-1

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Price: $29.99 per Snack Box or $44.99 per Classic Box, plus shipping.

What Dad Gets: Carnivore Club's monthly meat subscription boxes feature either on-the-go meat snacks like jerky and venison sticks or larger portions of cured artisan meats like prosciutto, salami, and more. Each month's theme centers around a particular artisan from around the world. Depending on your preferences, sign up for the Snack Box's on-the-go portions or the Classic Box for 4-6 premium cured portions of meat.

The Bottom Line: If you're a major meat lover, Carnivore Club's globally-sourced monthly artisan meat boxes might be right for you.

8. Birchbox Grooming

Mens Sub 9 -1

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Price: $10 per month, or $20 with the Birchbox Grooming Plus subscription.

What Dad Gets: Every month, Birchbox Grooming sends subscribers five samples of new grooming products, such as face and beard wash, beard oil, and hair stylers. This box is customizable through its sign-up quiz, which asks you information about your hair and skin type, personal style, and any other preferences. You can also upgrade to the Birchbox Grooming Plus subscription plan for $20 a month and receive an extra lifestyle item with each box.

The Bottom Line: Busy dads in need of some self-care will find it easy and affordable to discover new grooming products with Birchbox Grooming.

9. Original Craft Beer Club

craft beer club-1

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Price: Starts at $29.95 a month, plus shipping.

What Dad Gets: The Original Craft Beer Club sends a variety of handpicked craft beers directly to you every month. With five different membership types to choose from, you can customize your box to your preferences. One membership delivers exclusively US beers, while another delivers exclusively international beers, and a third combines the two.

You can expect to receive twelve 12 oz bottles of four different beer styles from two lightly distributed craft breweries. (The Rare Beer Club membership comes with two limited-release and exclusive US craft beers.) Each box comes with brewery profiles, tasting notes, and a free personalized message, making it especially good as a gift for any beer-loving dad.The Original Craft Beer Club sends out ales, lagers, IPAs, pilsners, and other beer types.

The Bottom Line: For any dad who loves beer,The Original Craft Beer Club is an excellent way to try new beers that might be hard to find otherwise.

10. Gentleman's Box

Men Sub 1-1

Price: Either $29 a month for a Classic subscription or $100 a quarter for a Premium subscription.

What Dad Gets: Gentleman's Box is perfect for any dad who loves classic style. With an emphasis on a classy-yet-modern feel, Gentleman's Box will send you 4-6 lifestyle items each month. These might include wearables like cufflinks, pocket squares, or dress socks, or other items, such as pens and wallets. You're guaranteed to receive a variety of vital accessories.

If you upgrade to a Premium subscription, you'll receive even more luxurious items every three months, such as genuine leather goods and luxury watches. Each carefully curated box contains premium materials and brands from all over the world. Busy dads who want to keep up with their style but have difficulty finding time to shop for items that show off their fashion sense will love Gentleman's Box.

The Bottom Line: For a luxury experience that will help you look as good as you feel, Gentleman's Box is a classy choice.

11. Menlo Club

Men Sub 11-1

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Price: $60 a month.

What Dad Gets: As a luxury clothing subscription box from Menlo House, you'll receive two items from Five Four, Grand AC, or New Republic every month. Fill out a brief survey on your preferred style, fit, and sizes, and then let your stylist pick out two items perfectly suited to you. Shipping is always free, including size exchanges.

Menlo Club membership also comes with other benefits, including up to 25% off items at Menlo House and access to exclusive member-only items.

The Bottom Line: Menlo Club is an easy way to fill out your wardrobe with high-quality items and receive access to great deals at the same time.

12. Style Plan by Frank And Oak for Men

Men Sub 12-1

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Price: $25 styling fee that goes toward whatever you keep.

What Dad Gets: Style Plan by Frank And Oak comes from the eco-friendly Canadian clothing brand Frank And Oak. If you're interested in reducing your carbon footprint, this box might be a great way to find new clothes. This box contains up to four personalized clothing items chosen for you after you take a style quiz. You're free to preview your monthly box or skip a month at any time, and you won't be charged for anything you decide not to keep.

The Bottom Line: With an emphasis on sustainability, Style Plan by Frank And Oak is perfect for dads who want to discover new clothes while staying eco-conscious.

13. Bespoke Post

Men Sub 13-1

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Price: $45 a month for members, $55 a month for non-members, plus shipping.

What Dad Gets: Bespoke Post releases multiple boxes each month, centered around a variety of themes. You can expect to receive a range of lifestyle products and accessories in each box. Some past themes include outdoor equipment, kitchen items, bar equipment, grooming products, and more. Each box generally contains a specific category of products.

Bespoke partners with small businesses to deliver a wide assortment of high-quality products that are fun and useful. Only order the boxes you want -- if you're not interested in a certain month's boxes, there's no penalty for skipping them.

The Bottom Line: Bespoke Post has an ever-changing collection of fine goods that are both entertaining and practical.

14. Trade Coffee

Men Sub 14-1

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Price: Starts at $15 a week.

What Dad Gets: Perfect for busy dads who need their coffee to get started in the morning, Trade Coffee delivers personalized shipments of high-quality coffee directly to your door. The shipments are highly customizable, with your coffee making method, flavor preferences, and coffee knowledge all taken into account. You also have the option to further customize your subscription and receive a new kind of coffee at any point.

Trade Coffee suggests blends that work best with your coffee set up, whether you prefer cold brew, pour-over, or drip coffee. Subscribers also receive free shipping and discounted prices on curated coffee from Trade Select.

The Bottom Line: For the dad who needs his coffee fix in the morning, Trade Coffee is a convenient and fun way to discover new coffee varieties and learn about new roasts and blends.

15. Say It With a Sock

Men Sub 15-1

Price: $12.99 a month for one pair or $19.99 a month for two pairs.

What Dad Gets: Sometimes, it's the little things that make the biggest difference. Say It With a Sock makes a fun gift for a friend or yourself with monthly deliveries of high-quality combed cotton socks. Choose between patterns or graphic socks and unbox a surprise every month. Graphic socks are especially entertaining with hilarious designs like pizza, pandas, and puppies, while patterned socks are a little more subdued. You can also choose to receive one of both kinds in your box.

The Bottom Line: Say It With a Sock is perfect for dads who want a little extra fun for their feet.

Are you a busy dad looking for a convenient way to keep up with your hobbies, plan healthy family meals, or expand your wardrobe? A subscription box might be right for you. Whether you're interested in stocking up on grooming products, trying new kinds of coffee or beer, or treating the family dog, subscription boxes are an excellent way to enjoy new products on a regular basis without breaking the bank.

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