The 14 best Standing Desks and Office Chairs For The Work From Home Dads

When the pandemic started, most people were not equipped to work from home. And after several months of winging it at home — and with many offices planning to stay remote for the foreseeable future — it’s probably time to invest in a better set up.

It’s important to create a work area that won’t hurt your back and that features an ergonomic design, so make sure to look for a good standing desk and office chair that is easy to adjust and large enough to fit everything you need to have a successful work day.

We put together our "Best Of" List for the Best Standing Desks and Office Chairs for you here:

1. Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk
Desk #1 Jarvis Bamboo Standing

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Affordable and customizable, the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is a good adjustable-height that works for the average person. Providing the best of both worlds, this sit and stand desk is pretty stable and comes with a long warranty. This standing desk has reduced wobbling at all height options and comes with a wide range of desk accessories like monitor arms and desk drawers.

Equipped with customization options, the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk includes options like fully extended legs that can accommodate most people at an extra cost. It also comes with an OLED keypad and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with no return shipping fees charged. This is a reliable and attractive standing desk that is super affordable.

Adjustable from 26 1/2 to 45 3/4-inches, the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk features quality engineering with a quiet motor that can lift the desk 1 ½-inches each second. It also has a sustainable design using high-quality bamboo that is grown without fertilizers or pesticides and is finished with a durable water-based and UV-cured polyurethane coating. Using a digital handset display, you can adjust the height on the desk quickly and create four memory preset options.

2. Uplift V2-Commercial Standing Desk

Desk #2 Uplift v2 commercial standing

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Attractive and well-built, the Uplift V2-Commercial Standing Desk is smooth, quick, and stable to operate. With its large height range, it can easily accommodate more users. Offering a great mix of features and performance, this standing desk is equipped with a one-inch thick curved bamboo desktop.

Responding quickly to your input, the Uplift V2-Commercial Standing Desk comes with three control keypads that are easy to use. Even at a tall height, there is minimal wobble to this desk thanks to its thick legs and the frame’s crossbar. You can set it three inches lower than other desks on the market, and it can meet the standing and sitting needs of individuals from 5-foot-2 to 6-foot-6.

Using three-stage, dual-motor frames, the Uplift V2-Commercial Standing Desk is quick to adjust, smooth, and quiet as it operates. With its adjustable commercial frame, it can support a wide variety of desktops ranging from 42 to 80-inches wide. It also comes with 48 patent-pending mounting points that are built into the frame allowing you to install accessories right into the desk frame while the advanced keypad offers one-touch height adjustment, so you can program a variety of heights. 

3. Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Desk Cart

Desk #3 Seville mobile laptop desk

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While it may be advertised as a laptop cart, this is an effective standing desk that can extend to a height of 33 inches. Made of solid wood, this desk has a solid frame that keeps it from wiggling and a low-profile that it can fit under your couch. Tall enough that it can be used as a standing desk, the Seville Classics has enough room to fit everything you need for a day at work including a coffee cup, mousepad, and laptop.

Simple to put together, the Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Desk Cart is portable, strong, and has an adequate table surface. It also is easy to roll on a smooth floor and sturdy enough when the wheels are locked. Adjustable from 20 1/2 to 33-inches high, you can manually set and secure the height using the twist-lock knob for a personalized and ergonomic workspace.

Using a single wood piece design, this small computer workstation can fit any sized tablet or laptop along with a keyboard. The Seville Classics is finished in walnut brown and features rounded edges. Easy to assemble, this mobile rolling desk offers smooth gliding mobility thanks to the four 1 ½-inch caster swivel wheels that can lock.

Featuring a stable and solid design, this desk includes a durable steel frame that has a satin bronze finish for easy maintenance and long-term durability. Ideal for a professional environment, this is a great choice for offices, libraries, and classrooms.

4. Vari Electric Standing Desk 60

Desk #4 Vari Standing
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Taking just minutes to assemble, this sit to stand desk comes with push-button memory settings and a powerful, but quiet electric motor. With a heavy-duty frame, this desk features T-Style legs and a strong laminate finish. Including premium features, this desk has four programmable height settings and continuous height adjustments, so you can move the surface of your desk from 25 to 50 ½-inches.

Great for taller individuals, this is a convenient, high-quality desk that allows you to have a more productive, healthier, and happier work environment. This electric desk easily goes from standing up to sitting down as needed throughout the day, which can help boost your mood and decrease back pain.

Easy to put together with the included tools, the Vari Electric Standing Desk 60 can be set up in just minutes. The T-Style Legs make it stable no matter what height you have it at and the control panel makes it easy to set the desk at your preferred height. This is an easy to clean product thanks to the durable laminate finish, and it can support up to 200 pounds.


5. X-Elite Pro XL Standing Desk Converter

Desk#5 xelite pro standing desk
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Helping to relieve back pain and improve your health, the X-Elite Pro XL Standing Desk Converter will fit on top of an existing desk. It comes fully assembled and will easily transition from standing to sitting. Featuring an extra-large surface, it easily will fit two monitors and uses an innovative air pump system to allow you to switch between standing and sitting in just three seconds.

Created for your comfort, this ergonomic desk has a surface that is large enough to hold a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and laptop. There is no assembly needed and can range between eight and 16-inches in height. This is a convenient solution that allows you to stand or sit without worrying about interruptions.

6. Tranzendesk Mobile Workstation

Desk #6 Tranzendesk mobile
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This standing desk has an adjustable height, and it moves with you thanks to its four full swivel locking wheels. The Tranzendesk Mobile Workstation is a multipurpose desk perfect for use in an office, at home, or at school. This portable desk allows for a seamless transition from stationary to mobile, which is great for a work on-the-go type of day.

Offering a dual-tier with an ergonomic design, the Tranzendesk features two levels that help to correct your posture providing for a more comfortable and healthier workday. With the lower desktop, you plenty of room for folders, notebooks, a mouse, and a keyboard while an upper desktop keeps your monitor at eye level to prevent back and neck pain. This sturdy and sleek design features a metal frame and telescoping legs with a modern and minimalistic look that includes a dark woodgrain finish.

This built to last desk is easy to adjust the height on by simply loosening the twist knobs and raising it to your preferred height before retightening the knobs to keep it stable and secure. This is a versatile desktop that will allow you to achieve a healthy and happy workday.

7. SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk

Desk #7 SHW electric desk

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A great value, the SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk is an electric-based desk that is also affordable than other models on the market. Easy to assemble, this desk is easy to use and very sturdy. You get fast height adjustment settings that are easy to use thanks to motorized lifts.

The SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk is ideal for standing or sitting and lowers or rises to your height based on the information that you input. This is a super affordable model that is fast and smooth to use making it easy to stand for part of your workday. Using a digital handset display, this desk offers four memory preset options to make adjustments easy.

Using a fully motored electric lift system, the SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk can move the desk height from 28 to 46 Inches. Plus, it features telescopic height adjustment thanks to the strong legs that transition the desk from sitting to standing. Made of high-grade industrial steel, this desk features grommets on the desktop that will help to keep your cords organized.

8. Mr. Ironstone Height Adjustable Desk

Desk #8 Mr Ironstone adjustable desk
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This is a manually adjustable standing desk that is simple to move down or up as needed. More affordable and just as easy to use as an electric model, the Mr. Ironstone Height Adjustable Desk is easy to assemble and can also accommodate up to two people working at the same time. With an adjustable and ergonomic design, this is a sturdy and stylish design that features a long-lasting steel structure that has a rustproof finish.

Helping to prevent a sedentary work habit, using this standing design is great for the health of your spine and neck. You get five options for manual lifting adjustment making it suitable for both female and male users. With a clean and neat appearance, the Mr. Ironstone Height Adjustable Desk will blend in with any office or home decors and the smooth surface is rust-resistant and super easy to clean.

With a movable design, this spacious workstation can easily accommodate a laptop or dual monitor while providing enough space for your office supplies. It also features four rolling wheels that move smoothly over carpet and come with a locking function.

So, now that we have discussed the top standing desks, here are our picks for the top chairs:

9. Songmics Stool

Chair #9 songmics stool
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Affordable and perfect for standing desk use, the Songmics Stool has easy operation and a handy swivel design. It’s also super comfortable when compared to other standing desk stools thanks to its ample padding. This ergonomic stool has a slight tilt to it that will help to keep you productive and energized all day long.

This stool is well-padded using high-density foam that is six-inches thick. The Songmics Stool is large and won’t deform after a lot of use, plus it is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools. Easily adjust it to your preferred height using two levers under the seat.


10. Modway Veer Drafting Chair

Chair #10 modway chair

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Easy to adjust and full of great features, the Modway Veer is a drafting chair that is the perfect complement to fixed height desks or standing desks. Featuring a 330 lb. weight limit, this chair is equipped with adjustable armrests, a ventilated backrest, and comes in a variety of colors. Whether you prefer sitting at your standing desk or just working on a high surface, this chair is a good option.

Featuring ergonomic support, the Modway Veer features a padded waterfall mesh seat and lower back lumbar support. You can comfortably sit in a relaxed position that you can easily adjust to your preferences. With a sleek style, this stool works well in studios, receptions areas, and office desks.

The Modway Veer has a 360-degree swivel design along with a sturdy nylon frame and base with armrests that you can rotate up to draft, draw, or paint easily. Perfect for everyday use, this stool offers reliable support and is a stylish addition to your school, work, or home space. It also sits on top of five dual-wheeled casters that allow you to glide around the room easily.

11. Flash Furniture Vibrant Chrome Drafting Stool

Chair #11 Flash Furniture Vibrant Black
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Similar to the Modway Veer, the Flash Furniture Drafting Chair comes with a ton of features and an alternative look. The modern style office chair falls into a similar price point as the previous chair, but it does have a lower weight limit if that’s an issue. Available in three different colors, this chair also features adjustable armrests and a backrest that is ventilated.

Featuring a fun and colorful “tractor” style seat, this drafting chair will easily adjust to your preferred seat height with the pneumatic lever that you will under the seat. The Modway Veer is equipped with a comfort molded seat made with a high-density polymer construction. It also features dual-wheel casters and a heavy-duty chrome base.

12. Learniture Adjustable Height Stool

Chair #12 learniture adjustable
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Designed for sitting, the Learniture Stool can also be used for leaning, so it pairs well it a standing desk. Great for those that are more movement-oriented and active, this stool is a good choice for those that are shorter in height. This chair is available in three colors, is easy to assemble, and has a max height of 27 inches.

With a simple to use pneumatic gas lift, you can easily adjust your seat height from between 18 1/2 to 28 inches. You also get a wide range of motion thanks to the curved and non-slip base, plus the Learniture Stool has a lightweight design for easy storage and mobility. Made from easy to clean vinyl covered foam, this stool has a backless design that also helps to encourage correct posture as you sit while also strengthening your core muscles.


13. Varier Move Stool

Chair #13 Varier Move Stool
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Featuring a proven design that originated in 1985, the Varier Move is a high-quality chair that is super versatile. Perfect for leaning or sitting, you can also use the Varier Move for all those positions that fall in between. It features a timeless design with a modern flair, even though it was designed in the 1980s.

The Varier Move also has the option of a rubber sole that will stop it from slipping. The seat is available in either grey, red, blue, green, or black while the base offers options of black, mocha, or natural stained wood. Great for use with a treadmill desk, this stool has a wide base that helps make the stool feel secure and solid while helping you to maintain great posture.

14. Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair

Chair #14 Sitting Ball
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Not quite a seat, the Vivora Luno is a yoga ball that has been designed to be used as a desk chair. Perfect for office use, this yoga ball is made with a durable material that is stronger than a typical yoga ball making it perfect for daily use. Ideal for use at home, in the classroom, or at the office, this yoga ball is a great alternative to a sitting stool.

The Vivora Luno is available in 11 colors as well as two sizes depending on your desk’s height and your needs. This is a great choice to pair with a standing desk offering you the ability to still move around and stay active. Activating core and back support, it promotes great posture and helps to relieve back pain.

With a machine washable cover, this is an easy to maintain yoga ball. The Vivora Luno can be used every day and is a great choice for anyone going through therapy, needing to stretch their back, or for promoting flexible joints for a healthy lifestyle.

There you have it dads.  If you are looking to upgrade your working space, with a focus on giving your back and spine some love, this is a great way to do it.  We hope you enjoyed our review and we wish you luck on your new work from home spaces.

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