Take a Chance This Weekend! Unicorn Kicks, Single Papas, and Insta-Dads

This Sunday is "Take A Chance" Day! Yes, it may be one of those newfangled holidays invented by the Internet. But spring is the perfect season to try something fresh! So we're all in.

Here's what we're taking a chance on this week:

Single and Considering Fatherhood?

This week we brought you some inspiring advice from proud Papa, Justin Miller. As a single gay dad, he had some sage words for our readers who are interested in fatherhood but are concerned about taking the plunge: "Don't wait for the perfect time" to become a dad. We couldn't agree more, Justin!


To Dad or Not To Dad?

As the first gay man to represent the Australian Bobsled team, Simon Dunn is no stranger to taking risks. But in an essay penned for Gays With Kids this week, he took another chance by opening up on a sensitive subject: will he ever become a dad? He's not so sure.


Insta-Birth Announcement?

Seems like mailed birth announcements have gone the way of the dinosaur! Two famous gay men this week revealed their happy news on Instagram. Director Chris Landon put up a pic of his newborn beautiful son Beau. And Colton Haynes teased fans with a pretend pregnancy photo. Is fatherhood  just around the corner for Teen Wolf? Also check out April announcements from our readers, many of who took to the 'Gram to share their good news.



Old School Edgy

Take a chance on some bold and bright sneakers to jump start your spring! Vans makes fun kicks for kids, and can help dad keep it Old Skool.


Listen Up, Nancy!

WNYC Studios recently launched a new "super queer" podcast called Nancy, hosted by BFFs Kathy Tu and Tobin Low. They promise to tackle LGBTQ dating, parenthood, and everything in between. Check out Episode 2 where the two explore sex ed (or the lack thereof) for the gay and lesbian community.


In Next Week's Guide...National Superhero Day!

Holy made-up holiday, Batman! April 28 is National Superhero Day! Next week, we'll be breaking out our capes to celebrate the heroes in our lives, both real and fictional. Be sure to share your superhero family photos with us by sending them to dads@gayswithkids.com!


Posted by Chris Phillips

Chris is a new dad living in Brooklyn with his husband and infant son. Chris became a dad through an amazing and strong open adoption. After bath time and bedtime, Chris likes to read novels by gay authors and perfect his banana bread game. Chris's favorite hashtag is #lovewins.

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