Looking for a Stress-free Dinner? Dads Richard and Carlos Show Us How It's Done

If you're like us, finding a meal that's delicious for both us dads and our kids can be a challenge. And when the kids are so hungry they're angry –– better known as hangry –– we all know about it. We've got 15 minutes to get something on the table. Or else! Well, with Gulliver's Pantry, our meals are popular with the WHOLE family, and they take 15 minutes to prepare. Win-win!

"We loved how simple and tasty the meals were, perfect for our busy family," commented Richard. "Thanks Gulliver's Pantry for an awesome experience!"

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You'll get to sample authentic ingredients (certified and GMO-free - we're looking at you, health conscious dads!), that arrive to your door, are super easy to prepare, and ready in minutes. What's not to like? Try your first month for just $1! It'd be rude not to.

Now see how dads Richard and Carlos get it done and even bring a little romance into their dinner! To kick the spice level up a notch, the dads added the bruschetta to the sauce. (Note: Not for the faint-hearted or those who prefer a more mild mealtime.)

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