Little Peanut on the Go

Hey dads, do you remember life before kids? Looking back, it was simple, wasn’t it? No doubt you were always on the go.

Remember dining out at a restaurant in the middle of the week? How about Sunday brunches that started at 1pm and lasted through dinner? Or last-minute weekend trips to P-town, Big Sur, Rehoboth Beach, Palm Springs, Fire Island or Saugutuck? No problem. Throw a few things in a bag, jump in the car with your friends. As long as you locked the door behind you, you didn’t have much to worry about.

Then in the blink of an eye everything changed. You became a dad. The arrival of fatherhood saw the end of your spontaneous on-the-go lifestyle. If the baby went along, the stuff went along. And that means considerable preparation. If the baby stayed home, someone had to be told exactly what to do.

Well, get prepared to get some of your on-the-go lifestyle back thanks to Little Peanut on the Go, a mobile app that will help you stay organized and connected when you (or your babies) are away from home.

Is it time for “Dads night out?” Everything you would normally write down on a scrap of paper for the sitter can be created in Little Peanut on the Go. Your contact info, emergency contacts, allergies, medical information, and other important details are all stored in the app.

Feeding schedules, nap times, bedtime routines, and medication instructions can be built into your family’s daily schedule. And then all of this can be shared with your babysitter, your baby's favorite guncle, nanny or grandparents through the app. Whoever is in charge will have everything he or she need to provide the best care. There's even a private message board in the app that allows for updates and photo sharing.

Going on your first family vacation with baby in tow, along with all that stuff? With the app you can quickly make a packing list by picking things from a built-in library. The bottles won’t be left at home in the sink since you can add reminders to your list so you don’t forget anything important. (Who hasn’t left the house without diapers at least once?!) Plus, you’ll never forget to arrange the airport taxi because you can build to-do lists for yourself, too. And once you have the perfect packing list, you can use it over and over again every time you travel.

Little Peanut on the Go is available for both iPhone and Android. With the free download dads can create packing lists and to-do lists. Then with a one-time in-app purchase for less than a cup of coffee you can upgrade your app to share care instructions and emergency information with caregivers as often as you’d like. (The app is always free for caregivers!)

Little Peanut on the Go was created by a mom who wanted a better way to manage her on-the-go lifestyle. And this mom approached Gays With Kids so we could help our community of gay dads get back to some of the ease of our former on-the-go lifestyles.

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