Here’s to Firsts: Allstate Insurance Commercial Features Gay Dads

Allstate Insurance’s newest ad  features a candid and heartwarming story about a gay couple who recently became fathers. A part of its “Here’s to Firsts” series, the two­-minute spot focuses on “firsts” the pair has celebrated as new dads – but doesn’t hesitate to dive into real talk about the guys’ struggle for acceptance as a gay couple.

"Within our lifetime, we have gotten married and had a child," says one dad, Danny. "Twenty years ago, that wouldn't have happened.”

This isn’t Allstate’s first foray into LGBT ­supportive advertising. The company released a touching short film earlier this year expressing unambiguous support for marriage equality.

Retailers Kohl’s, Famous Footwear  and Nordstrom have also debuted ads featuring gay families this holiday season.

This recent batch of ads may prove too numerous to fight for groups like One Million Moms, which last posted a protest campaign for a super adorable Campbell’s Soup  ad back in early November. We’re not sad.

(Screenshot and video courtesy of YouTube)

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