Goodbye To “Amazon Mom,” Hello To “Amazon Family”!

Amazon has finally, with zero fanfare, renamed its "Amazon Mom" program "Amazon Family" in the United States. The program has long been called “Amazon Family" in most other countries where it exists, including the U.K., Canada, Germany, Austria, France and Japan.

U.S. dads balked not just at the name, but at the female-focused tone of its marketing. Gay dads experience this gender-biased treatment often, from baristas — or worse, pediatricians — asking, “Where’s Mom?” to mom-oriented advertising for kids' products.

Amazon Mom

But as the definition of families evolves, so must family-focused companies.

Stay-at-home dad Jeffrey Harrington launched a petition in 2013 calling for the rebrand. It garnered nearly 14,000 signatures. Dad blogger Oren Miller, who died last March of lung cancer at 42, championed the cause on his blog and Facebook group for dad bloggers.

Miller's death reignited the campaign, giving rise to the hashtags #AmazonFamilyUS and #Dads4Oren.

#AmazonFamilyUS and #Dads4Oren Campaign Logo


"Amazon never acknowledged what we were saying," blogger Chris Routly, one of the dads who worked to fulfill Miller's goal, told the Chicago Tribune.

We may never know why Amazon clung to the "Mom" title so long in the U.S., or if the switch was inspired by the dads' campaigning. Amazon stayed quiet throughout the years on the issue.

Post name change, Amazon gave only this statement to GeekWire: “Amazon Family better reflects the program's focus on parents and caretakers who are Prime members, with exclusive family-oriented offers, coupons and recommendations, including 20 percent off diaper subscriptions and a 15 percent Baby Registry completion discount. Customers can learn more by visiting"

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