Gay Dads are Celebrated on U.N. Stamps!

The United Nations Postal Administration has unveiled a series of postage stamps celebrating gay families, transgender people and diversity within the LGBT community. One stamp features two fathers with a child.

Many U.N. member nations still criminalize gay acts and discriminate against gay families. Part of the U.N. Human Right’s Office’s Free & Equal campaign, the stamps aim to increase LGBT equality in member nations.

“We live in a world where even though [developed] nations have embraced marriage equality [and] LBGT equality, we still have a far, far, far way to go, but we are making some strides,” the stamps’ creator, Sergio Baradat, told U.N. Radio. Baradat is art director for the United Nations Postal Administration.

“There are some countries in the world right now where not only are we not celebrated or respected, but we are beaten and killed," he says. "And I thought that it would be a wonderful opportunity using art, to use postage stamps as a vehicle – using art to change hearts and minds.”

The United Nations first began issuing stamps in 1951 in U.S. dollar denominations. Nowadays the U.N. stamps are also printed in Swiss franc and euro versions.

The six Free & Equal Campaign stamps include two designs available for U.S. use — “Transgender,” depicts a transgender woman with butterfly wings that Baradat says represent transformation; and “We are Everywhere,” a stamp celebrating the diversity of the LGBT community. The stamp with the gay-dads-and-daughter design, called “Gay Families,” comes in the Swiss franc denomination. The other designs are “Lesbian,” “Coming Out,” and “Gay.”

Before you buy several hundred of these awesome stamps, know they’re only valid if mailed from U.N.-affiliated locations within those countries: the U.N. headquarters in New York City, the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and the Vienna International Centre in Vienna, Austria.


(Images courtesy of United Nations Postal Administration)


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