Bang! Pop! Pow! — The Gay Dad Comic Book Is Here

We here at Gays With Kids always knew queer dads had super powers — but now so does the rest of the world, thanks to a saucy new comic book by Brian Andersen, with illustrations by Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre. The comic, "Super Boy Meets Baby," features two gay superheroes who are fighting against the clock — and, of course, a couple of evildoers — in order to arrive in time to witness the birth of their daughter.    

Brian, who describes himself as an "out and proud life-long geek," first started reading comics at eight years old. Creating his own comic book, he said, has been a lifelong goal. "Some say 'write what you know' and since I became a father in 2014 I decided to do just that," he said. The result? "A fun and funny story about gay dads on the day their daughter was born — only with, like, superheroes."

Brian said the story was inspired in part by the movie Bad Moms — ("But not as fabulous because it doesn't have Kathryn Hahn in it.") While he wanted the comic to have "a lot of heart," he also intentionally made the story sex positive, crass — and very much not for kids.

"Mile high club, anyone?" Brian teased.

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 9.41.49 AM

The two main superhero characters in the story are Psyche, who has mind powers, and his partner Mighty Wing, who was gifted with bright pink wings. In the story, the couple "have to navigate getting to their daughter amidst super villains and emotional freak outs," he said.

The characters also "kinda sorta" resemble Brian and his husband, he said, because the experience loosely mirrors their own on the day their daughter was born. "She was three weeks early!" Brian said. As a "total party enthusiast, like her daddy," their daughter managed to be born on the same day as her baby shower. "So I guess she wanted to crash her own party," he said. 

On that day, they received a call that their "amazing surrogate" in Idaho was in labor. Since the couple lived in San Francisco at the time, they had to drop everything and fly immediately in order to not miss her birth. "The only slight, itty bitty problem?" Brian said. "There was only one nonstop flight to Idaho and it was leaving in 30 minutes.'"

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 9.43.07 AM
So with little time to spare, the couple ran around their apartment in an attempt to catch the flight in time — in a craze akin to "a quick drag challenge on Drag Race," Brian said. "Getting dressed, trying not to freak out, throwing stuff in our suit cases, finding and bringing what little baby clothes we had already purchased — it was chaotic and hella stressful!"

The couple made it in time — but barely.

"We were actually 20 minutes late for takeoff — Whoops!" At check in, the couple begged at the ticket counter to hold the flight for them. "We were having a baby!" Brian said. "We just had to get on that plane."

In what may be the first documented instance of an airline's goodwill towards its customers, the pilot, miraculously, obliged.  


"Our names were being called — some might say they were yelling them — over the airport loud speaker," Brian said. "The flight attendant holding the door for us gave us a disapproving head-shake while tapping her foot furiously, and everyone on the plane served us some serious stank eye." (The picture, above left, commemorates the couple's wild dash to make it to their seats in time.)

In the end, all the head-shakes and Drag Race challenges were well worth it. "We made it in time to welcome our sweet daughter into the world," Brian said. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 9.43.16 AM

As for whether all of the, ahem, racier parts of the comic book are based on fact or fiction, the author demurred.

"No comment," he said. 

You can purchase the comic and see more of Brian's work on his website

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