Dress The Rainbow: Picks for Pride from Primary.com

While shopping for my son’s clothes it’s easy to feel blue. Blue sweat pants. Blue and white pajamas. Blue t-shirts. And, of course, blue jeans. Now, to be fair sometimes there are sometimes green shirts in the little boy’s department---but they usually have camouflage trim or dinosaurs on them.

Breaking away from the baby blues and dressing our kids in more fresh and fun colors was harder than I thought it would be. It is difficult to find basic, easy to wash kids clothes at a reasonable price.

For that reason, I was glad to discover Primary---a kid’s clothes company founded by two moms who had the same frustrations with kid’s clothes that I did. Primary is working hard to help us dress our kids in colorful clothes that aren’t overly gendered or gooped up with logos. 

Best of all: There’s no weird writing on any of the clothes at Primary---which is totally great since all the “I Love My Dad” and “Mom’s The Boss Here” onesies don’t really make sense for a baby with two proud papas.

I checked in with Primary to see if they had suggestions on how to dress kids for Pride celebrations. They shared some photos to show how to create beautiful rainbow outfits for your kids. I am kind of jealous---I wish they sold dad sizes too!


Now, not every day feels like a rainbow. Basic black is always appropriate for adults. But is hard to find black clothes in toddler sizes---especially if you don’t have a rock star budget. So if you’re not feeling the Roy G. Biv vibes, head over to primary to check out their neutrals from slate blue to olive.

But for now, enjoy our picks from Primary.com, just in time for your Pride celebrations:

For the Future President of the Pride Committee

A collection of 7 babysuits in primary colors (great gift for new babies too), $48:

For the Future Rocker

The hoodie in black, $18.

For Miss Sunshine

The baby dress in tangerine, $18:

For the Beach Bum Baby

The rash guard in grass green, $16:

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Posted by Chris Phillips

Chris is a new dad living in Brooklyn with his husband and infant son. Chris became a dad through an amazing and strong open adoption. After bath time and bedtime, Chris likes to read novels by gay authors and perfect his banana bread game. Chris's favorite hashtag is #lovewins.

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