Dads Tell Us Their 'Gayest Moment Ever' as Parents

Did your child know all the lyrics to Madonna songs by age 3? Do your kids critique all the red carpet lewks from the Tony Awards? Do you often have baby food, diapers, sparkling white wine, gourmet appetizer, and fresh cut flowers in your shopping cart — all in one trip? If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, you just might be... a gay dad.

We asked the dads in our Instagram community to share their gayest moments as a dad, ever, and their responses were just as hilarious as they were relatable.

Here's a great way to start the week...

"When our son said out loud in the store: When is Dad going to get you pregnant?"

- @roberthernandez81

"When asked what my biggest fear raising kids was.

Me: What if they don't like musicals?!?!"

- @jessemontano

"While carrying my son on my chest I kissed his head and said, 'Who is my big boy?'

The guy passing me on the street yelled out, 'I can be if you want me to be!'

I nearly died laughing."

- @mr._derek

"Shouted like a little girl when he pooped straight into my hand while I changed his diaper."

- @avi.musaev.kazaz

"Pink bubble bath with hearts. It was just so very gay"

- @daddypapaandjasper

"Front page picture of the Seattle Times attending Drag Queen Story Time!"

- @skilikeadad

"The fact that our son's comfort song is 'Thank you for being a friend' from the Golden Girls"

- @theconways13

"When my daughter said 'Who's Madonna?' and I had a huge pearl clutch moment."

- @gregoryvstock

"Showing my daughter how to model like a beauty queen and paint our nails, LOL"

- @twodads_and_micaele

"When my daughter said she's a princess and I'm the queen. She's not wrong."

- @jsquar3

"My son has lesbian aunts. He called me a 'boy lesbian' because he didn't know what gay was "

- @agaymanswife

"Conceiving my daughter to cowboy porn in a fertility clinic "

- @delphinius2

"My oldest put on 'reading' glasses to joke with the family #hegotagaydaddy"


- @joebost3

"Rollerblading with my kids in jean shorts, of course"

- @realsdz

"Has to be whenever a Todrick song comes on and our 18m dances and tot drops like it's hot"

- @gayfamilylife

"Taking my son when he was 13 to buy a copy of 'How to Pick Up Women'"


"My 18yo son: Papa?

Me: Yes?

Son: Can you hear me? "

- @chrispyogi

"Baby Ema looking for a nipple on my chest "

- @ema_ma_taty

"My 4yo dances along to 'Sissy That Walk' and walks like a seasoned Drag Queen!"

- @charlickroberts75

"Walking my dog with my partner when I randomly shout 'moan hen' to the dog. Gayyy"

- @cbcb1989

"We had to explain to our 4 year old's nightly Paul Mitchel skin routine to our babysitter"

- @pg_in_ec


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