Cherry Blossom Edition: Gay Dad's Guide To The Weekend

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Wear: Primary

No logos, free shipping, and bold fun colors have us primed to dress our kids in Primary this Easter weekend. Check out the Polo Baby Suit for boys and Baby Dress for girls. Need a diaper bag to match your color-blocked babes? Check out some recommendations submitted by readers this week.


Article: How the Gays Stole Easter

Check out our feature story this week. It recalls a moment, 11 years ago, when dozens of gay and lesbian families descended on the nation's capital to take part in one of the longest running (and oddest) family traditions: the White House Easter Egg Roll.



Listen: Trey Pearson

Last year, Christian rocker Trey Pearson made headlines when he came out to his fans in a letter. The dad of two is making waves again, but this time for his first solo project. Check it out on Teen Vogue and then read about some other brave dads who came out later in life here.


Watch: “Grace and Frankie”

Once the Easter eggs are all found and the kids are tucked in bed, we’ll be streaming season 3 of the Netflix hit "Grace and Frankie." What are our favorite (and only) 70-year-old gay TV dads, Robert and Sol, up to this year? When you're done binging, read a thing or two gay dads can learn from TV moms.


Baby's First Ford: A Crib

Forbes reported this week that Ford has designed a crib meant to lull your baby to sleep by simulating car noises. Does this mean no more late night drives around the block to get baby to snooze?



Read: “All I Love And Know" Novel

We’re picking Judith Frank's latest novel, "All I Love and Know," for our weekend read this week. The story, called an "emotional saga" by the Boston Globe, involves two young gay men who find themselves navigating life after becoming the sudden guardians of a 6-year-old boy.





This weekend in Brooklyn ... Cherry Blossoms!

It's cherry blossom season! This weekend, we're headed down to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to check out all the latest plants in bloom. Check out this New York Times profile on Ruiyan Xu, whose job it is to map each of the garden’s 174 trees on this map as they bloom.


In Next Week's Guide... We're Taking Chances!

What better day to try something new than National Take a Chance day on April 23rd! Tell us about a chance you plan to take at


Posted by Chris Phillips

Chris is a new dad living in Brooklyn with his husband and infant son. Chris became a dad through an amazing and strong open adoption. After bath time and bedtime, Chris likes to read novels by gay authors and perfect his banana bread game. Chris's favorite hashtag is #lovewins.

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