Back to School Outfits: Mix & Match

Like most parents, I spend the final weeks of summer scrambling to tie up any loose wardrobe ends before sending my little ones on their paths to higher education, which in their case means preschool and kindergarten. My kids are 3 and 5, so we find ourselves replacing clothing on a nearly seasonal basis, and "Back to School" is practically a season unto itself.

I'm always hunting for outfits that look sharp, while still leaving a little left over to stash away in a college fund. Without further ado, here’s a little mix-and-match style grab bag of some of my favorite back to school finds this year.

For Boys

Mad for Plaid   In my mind, fall is inextricably linked with plaid, end of story. So I used that as the first building block in our outfit.

jackets Nordstrom - Target - Old Navy

Warm Your Heart   Warm fall colors dominate our pants. Plan on mix-and-matching these to your heart’s content; they’re good to go any day of the week.

Unknown Nordstrom - GAP - Old Navy

Finishing Touches   I have an affinity for animal backpacks. And elbow-patch cardigans. The classic varsity look of the cardigan is such a staple of Americana that it never gets old.

Target - GAP - Old Navy Target - GAP Sweater - GAP Shoes - Old Navy

For Girls

Fall for Florals   I couldn’t resist pulling out three different floral print styles for fall; these were just too fun to pass up. So we’re starting our outfit off with a bold statement featuring an almost ironic bouquet of distinct floral tops. Quick gawking, pick one, and move along!

Nordstrom - GAP - Old Navy Nordstrom - GAP - Old Navy

Loud, Louder, Loudest   Three more options for you, depending on just how loud you want to take this. Simple jeggings are a goes-with-anything staple, while the yellow polkadot pants scream "Look At Me!" almost as loudly as your daughter herself when she’s just learned how to open the nail polish by herself. Finally, we have a totally out-of-the-blue pair of plaid trouser shorts with tights, because sometimes you just want to greet the day by combining two radically different patterns.

Nordstrom - Target pants - Target Shorts Nordstrom - Target pants - Target Shorts

Finishing Touches   The neutral cotton knit sweater will keep the chill out during brisk fall mornings, and the butterfly lunch bag lends an air of whimsy.  Boots and hat favor a more reserved approach, adding a dash of class to an otherwise delightfully garish ensemble.

Nordstrom - Target backpack - Target Hat - GAP Nordstrom - Target backpack - Target Hat - GAP


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